Charles R. Dickinson Participates in a Local Baptist Revival, 1860

[Richmond Daily Dispatch, December 12, 1860:]

[Themes: health; religion; politics—secession crisis]

Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.

Louisa Co., Va.,Dec. 10, 1860.

Just now there is much excitement here in regard to the perilous condition of our Federal Government. Yesterday I was told by one of the most intelligent and reliable men in the county that he had not seen a man but was in favor of secession….

There has lately been some interest in religious matters in this county. At Berea and Mechanicsville some twenty persons have been added to the Baptist churches. I saw Dr. C. R. Dickinson baptize seven young men last Saturday, and Dr. Quarles expects to baptize ten young ladies next Sunday. There are five preachers in this county who were formerly physicians. I incline to think that it would be well if in other counties some of those who are physicking the body were prepared to enter this sacred calling.

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