Green Springs Included on a Distinguished Bull's Breeding Itinerary, 1831

[Richmond Enquirer, September 16, 1831:]


THE subscriber has for sale, a few lambs of both sexes, from a ram purchased of Richard K. Meade, of Frederick county, Va last October, for which I paid $28. The lambs are from forty ewes, picked out of a flock of 148 sheep, whose yield, last shearing, was 925 lbs of wool.—The dams of my lambs are by a Blak[e?]well ram.

I also have for sale a few young cows, of the Hereford and Holderness breed, in calf by a half-blooded Durham short-horned bull, called Herod, who is now with the cows at the Green Springs, in Louisa county, ready to serve cows at $5 each, where he will remain until the first of November next, he will then be removed to this place, and kept at the above price.


Taylorsville, Sept. 1, 1831.


Herod was by Leander, which was purchased by me of John H[a?]re Powell, Esq. of Philadelphia, at three months old, for $200—Leander's parents were both imported, and combines[sic?] the very best crosses of the improved breed descended immediately from Adel[a?], Frederick, A[lp?]ied, Old Daisy, Favorite, and Comet, which sold in England for 1000 guineas—Leander was by Gloucester, his dam Arrabel[i?]a. For their pedigree see Hints in Husbandman. Herod's dam was a heifer without horns; as a milker, she was not excelled by any common cow within my knowledge.


Springfield, Fred'k Co. [, Virginia] June 29, 1831. 2—36

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