The Virginia General Assembly Authorizes a Company that Proposes a 63-Mile South Anna River Navigation System with Green Springs as the Western Terminus, 1834

[Acts Passed at a General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia… (Richmond, 1834), pp. 122-125:]

…An ACT incorporating the Richmond rail-road and South Anna navigation company. (Passed February 12, 1834.)

1. …it shall be lawful to open books at Richmond…for the purpose of receiving subscriptions…to constitute a joint capital stock, for the purpose of making a rail-road from such point in the city of Richmond, as the company may select, to the South Anna river, at or near the Rocky mills [about a mile west of the future site of the U.S. Route 33 bridge over the South Anna River] in the county of Hanover, with such lateral rail-roads as may be necessary, to the Deep run and Tuckahoe coal pits, or such other mode of improvement as may be adopted by the company…and for improving the navigation of the South Anna river, in such way as the company shall think best, from the point at which the rail-road shall strike the same, to Munford's bridge [future site of the Poindexter Road/Louisa Route 613 bridge over the South Anna River in the Green Springs National Historic Landmark District], in the county of Louisa.


2. When one-half or more of the capital stock shall have been subscribed, the subscribers, their successors, heirs and assigns, shall be…incorporated into a company, by the name of “The Richmond Rail-road and South Anna Navigation Company”….


5. The said company…shall have full power to adopt that kind of improvement on the aforesaid river which they may think most expedient, and to determine the route of the said rail-road, or such other improvement as may be adopted, or to defer the same until the proper surveys and examinations shall be made.


8. The said president and directors, so soon as five miles of either of the said improvements shall he finished, shall be entitled to collect the following rates of toll, to be fixed by the president and directors of the said company, to wit: the tolls on the South Anna river, on all articles except coal, lumber and dry goods, shall not exceed two cents per ton per mile; on coal, not to exceed one cent per ton per mile; on dry goods, not to exceed five cents per ton per mile; on lumber, not to exceed two cents per mile per thousand feet, on all kinds thereof except shingles, billets, boards, staves and heading; and on shingles, billets, boards, staves and heading, not to exceed one cent per mile per thousand.


12. If the said company shall not begin one of the said improvements within two years from the passage of this act, or shall not complete both within five years thereafter, then the interests of the company in the said improvements, and the tolls aforesaid, shall be forfeited and cease.

[Abstract selection and notation by Noel G. Harrison, NPS]

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