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History and Culture - Grade 2 (North Carolina)

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Grade Level:
Second Grade
in the park
communities, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, appalachian settlers, cherokee history, medicinal plants


Students study communities and technologic advancement as they tour Mingus Mill and learn the role corn played in lives of local residents 100+ years ago. Students take a short hike in the woods to learn about edible and medicinal plants and how the locals used the forest as a supermarket and a drugstore. Students also play with historic toys and make a simple toy to take home.


1) list five structure commonly found on a mountain farm.
2) list the three basic needs all humans have.
3) list three ways the learner's lives are different than the lives of the settlers.
4) learn the history of the park and Mingus Mill
5) Describe similarities and difference between the pioneer's families and their own.
6) Identify three native plants in the forest.
7) Name three ways earlier cultures used native plants.
8) Explain how people modify the environment to meet their needs.

Last updated: April 14, 2015