Snake Creek Trails

A cropped image of the official map of the national park, with snake creek road near the bottom highlighted in blue. On the east end of the road is a split with a leg that leads to highway 487 between Baker and Garrison or the other leg to Garrison proper
Snake Creek Road highlighted in blue. Notice it is south of the main entrance to the park on State Highway 488


Rushing water. Creaking pines. Dazzling wildflowers. Winds cresting over ridges. Bristlecones dating to the bronze age. Homes from the 19th century. Snake Creek allows the mind to wander, bridging the senses and connecting us to the natural world. Any trip down the dirt road will remind visitors to this landscape of the relentless power of time and introduce the solitude so many crave.

Trails in the Snake Creek area are some of the least tread in the park, and yet some of the most spectacular vistas span the views found on the many mountaintops and ridges accessible from this trailhead. Try the easier Snake Creek Overlook, or commit to the trip up the Snake Divide Trail to the Magic Grove. This road will close in the winter, as snow and ice prevail. Travel to the main entrance up from Baker, NV for more accessible trails during the snowy months.

Find information on trails below, and click on a specific trail for more in depth information, a trail map, and helpful tips.

Directions to Snake Creek Road

Snake Creek Road is accessed via Highway 487, either through the town of Garrison, UT or in between the town of Baker, NV and Garrison, UT. Both legs converge a few miles in, then lead to the park boundary and eventually the trailheads. The road is entirely gravel and dirt, so travel with caution after heavy rain.


Snake Creek Trails

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    Last updated: November 25, 2023

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