2018 Access Pass
The American the Beautiful Access Pass covers entrance fees at all federal public lands

Great Basin National Park offers a variety of opportunities for visitors with disabilities. Much can be learned about Great Basin National Park from your vehicle and from accessible facilities and programs. This wild landscape, rich in natural and cultural history, is a wonderful place to spend the day, a week, or more! Great Basin National Park is constantly striving to improve accessibility for all visitors. If you have any questions or comments about accessibility at Great Basin, e-mail us or call 775-234-7331.


Access Pass holders receive a 50% discount on camping and cave tour fees. While Great Basin does not charge an entrance fee, it will also cover the cost of entrance at all National Park Sites across the United States.

Inquire at the Lehman Caves Visitor Center about this lifetime pass, which is available at no cost for U.S. citizens and permanent residents with permanent disabilities. This free, lifetime pass is valid at National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, and Bureau of Reclamation sites.



A black dog with strap saying "Guide Dog" lies between the legs of a visitor sitting on a bench.
Service Animals

Learn about bringing your service animal to the park

A brown, wooden boardwalk leads into trees during the daytime with light shining through the canopy
Physical & Mobility Impairments

Discover options for those with limited mobility or in wheelchairs

A park ranger with outstretched arms holds a small grey box in one hand and small earbud in other.
Deafness & Hearing Loss

Find out what options are available for those with difficulty hearing or deafness.

A park brochure made in braille stating "Great Basin" lies on top of a standard brochure
Blindness & Low Vision

Learn options and alternatives for those with vision impairment

Last updated: December 31, 2022

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