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A Park Ranger encourages children to explore.

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Looking to learn more information about Great Basin National Park?

Read park press releases, learn about current research related to the Great Basin, and get the most up-do-date information relating to resource management at Great Basin National Park.
Join a park ranger for a virtual tour through different areas of the park in our Ranger Minute video series. Explore videos on geology and what science projects are taking place at our YouTube page. View, and add, photos of the park on our Flickr site.
The story of the Great Basin is not just one of geology and landforms, but also of people. This region has been home to American Indians for thousands of years. In more recent times, farmers, ranchers, Mormons, and sheepherders all called the Great Basin home.

Nature & Science
Learn more about the Great Basin region, read about ongoing resource management projects, and new scientific publications. You can also learn more about our annual BioBlitz, where you can help us identify the species that live here and maybe be a part of the next big discovery here at Great Basin!

Follow the most current research related to the Great Basin. Here you will find a sampling of the most up-to-date scholarly articles pertaining to this park.

Junior Rangers

Click here for Great Basin's Junior Ranger activity booklet!
Learn more about the establishment of Great Basin National Park in 1986 and our mission.
Bookstores, operated by the Western National Parks Association, are located at both the Great Basin Visitor Center and the Lehman Caves Visitor Center. Visit our Operating Hours & Seasons page to find out when the bookstores will be open.

Thank you for your interest in Great Basin National Park! Here you can view a park map and download our park newspaper [49.7 KB], as well as pamphlets with more information on the fascinating natural and historical resources found here.

Last updated: July 31, 2019

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