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Many of the programs offered here at Governors Island National Monument would be incomplete if it were not for the stories of those who lived and worked at the military posts formerly on the island. The Oral History Project helps to ensure that this personal element is never lost. Many have donated photos, documents, and personal materials from their time on Governors Island, most of which cannot be found anywhere else. In fact, the original material included in this bulletin was provided by former residents.

We cannot afford to lose these firsthand narratives which provide a glimpse into Governors Island’s past. These stories are only a few examples of the many that will give researchers and visitors an experience to see a side of history not preserved anywhere else.

If you or someone you know served, resided, or even visited Governors Island before 2003, we ask that they stop in our park bookstore and pick up a “Memories Form.” This form will help ensure that this part of your or your friend’s story is saved for future generations through the Governors Island National Monument Oral History Project.

You can stop in the bookstore on the island to pick up a form. You can also call us at 212-825-3054 to request one in the mail. We look forward to hearing the stories yet to be heard. They, after all, tell the true history of Governors Island.

Last updated: June 7, 2018

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