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DOI - Executive Workshop on Enterprise
Geospatial Systems - July 14-15, 2004


Purpose of Executive Workshop

The DOI Executive Workshop focused on the development of a strategic, integrated DOI-wide approach to the management, discovering, and sharing of geospatial information along with geospatial information technologies, systems and services. The Workshop attempted to leverage existing geospatial information systems, capabilities, and resources of the individual Bureaus, while identifying operational efficiencies, cost savings, and business process improvements that can be attained by pursuing shared, common solutions for those geospatial information processes and requirements that cut across all the Bureaus. The Workshop promoted:

Key Points from the Executive Workshop

Speaker Presentation Highlights

Hord Tipton, Chief Architect, OCIO presentation


IT: Self-expression or science? Unify & simplify!

Colleen Coggins, Chief Architect, OCIO presentation

Dr. Fred C. Collins, IBM presentation - original presentation has animations in it to see these open the PPT file (3.1 MB)

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an approach for building distributed systems that deliver application functionality as services to either end-user applications or other services :

Clint Brown, ESRI presentation

GIS overview, evolution, IT involvement, interoperability

Charles Lee, MCI Rep and DOI Network Tiger Team members

Elaine Stout (USGS Telecom person)

Panel : Importance of Geospatial Information to DOI's Business Lines
Fire: John Gephart NIFC/Tom Patterson BLM

Major Uses:

Barriers to effective use:

Recreation: Charlie Grymes DOI

Facilities Management: Steve Maass

Law Enforcement: Gary VanHorn, Harry McWreath

Health programs: Steve Guptill

Uses of Geospatial technology

Data needed:


Panel: Geospatial data accessibility
Vision of Geospatial One-Stop (GOS); Hank Garie, DOI

What can Users Find?

Interoperability and the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI): Doug Nebert, FGDC Secretariat

Standardization context

Options for National Standardization:

FGDC Standards Working Group:

NSDI: Geospatial Enterprise: Common data and services interests exist to meet core business area requirements that are related to place

An NSDI Enterprise Architecture Approach

The National Map: providing a map base for the nation: Mark Demulder, USGS - original presentation has animations in it to see these open the PPT file (15.2 MB)

NSDI Roles

Integration with GOS Portal

Tim Quinn, OCIO Network Team
Defining a DOI Infrastructure Vision

Moving to Enterprise Approach

Telecommunications Systems Division (now):

DOI Enterprise Services Center (ESC)

Why Create an Enterprise Services Network?

What Do We Get?

Network Performance Impacts:

Dr. Sangtae Kim, NSF Director Division of Shared Cyberinfrastructure
Dr. Kim was formerly the CIO from a large pharmaceutical company
The Past (or how NSF changed the world .)

The Present (from computer-centric to cyberinfrastructure)

The Future (the network of things .)

Dave Peters, ESRI Systems Architecture Design group presentation

From EGIM Team: Leslie Armstrong, NPS; Deb Green, FWS; /Karen Siderelis, USGS
Enterprise Geographic Information Management in DOI

Major changes in geospatial activities are occurring:

EGIM is working to:

Current EGIM Efforts:

Current Tasks

Breakout Session Summaries

Telecom and ESN Infrastructure

Geospatial Data and Infrastructure Requirements - Data Theme Matrix

Questions/Responses Group 1

Questions/Responses Group 2

Questions/Responses Group 3


Executive Workshop - EGIM Team Action Items




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