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Geospatial Systems - Network Notes

The recap on the network optimization from the GIS meeting went just fine. One of the other groups had also come up with the idea of working on geospatial use cases to feed into requirements for the ESN. I think that most folks have come to the realization that they will need to change some application development practices in GIS to work within the new network. I grabbed the notes from the wall yesterday; here is a summary.

Final Conclusions

The final objective for the group was to analyze the GIS architecture in Interior from the standpoint of performance optimization. There are many challenges in this process including the wide diversity in technology implementations and the customer base of systems like the National Map. To address these issues, an overall strategy for the implementation of GIS must be established to include a finite set of development scenarios for GIS solutions that optimizes application performance through the most efficient interrelationship between the network and the GIS design. The EGIM agreed to take on the responsibility of producing a set of use cases to include the National Map and a cross-cutting representation of other GIS initiatives and coordinate the strategy development with MCI and ESRI.

This GIS implementation strategy will be used to support the architecture efforts of the Support Services and Analytical domains through the configuration and change management process. While the ultimate architecture decisions will be made for the enterprise by this limited group, a "request for comments (RFC)" process will be initiated to relate this architecture and the finite set of development scenarios to the GIS community at large.

Other Key Points



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