Pets can enjoy Gettysburg too!

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Pets are welcome at Gettysburg National Military Park though there are some general rules that pet owners should follow during their visit.

Pets are not allowed in the Museum and Visitor Center, the Gettysburg National Cemetery, or other park buildings at any time. Only Service Dogs may enter the Museum and Visitor Center in company with their owners. Pet owners should be aware there is little or no shade in any of the three parking lots adjacent to the Museum and Visitor Center and it is the policy of the Gettysburg Foundation that pets must not be left unattended in personal vehicles in these lots during your visit. We recommend that one of your party remain with your pet in a shaded area away from the vehicle during that time.

There is limited shade at many of the stops on the Self Guided Auto Tour of the park. On a warm day, temperatures in an enclosed automobile can reach well over 100 degrees within five minutes. Owners should consider the care and comfort of their pets while at tour stops with the vehicle adequately ventilated and water available.

A Golden Retriever puppy in front of a fence at Gettysburg National Military Park.
Pets can enjoy Gettysburg too!

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Pets must be restrained on a leash at all times while in the park. If your dog is a bite risk or can be startled by large crowds, it must be restrained with a proper anti-bite collar and harness. Owners are not allowed to tie or leash dogs to trees, signs or monuments in the park.

Gettysburg NMP follows National Park Service Leave No Trace Principles. Cleaning pet waste from park grounds is the responsibility of the owner and is now regulated by law in certain areas. Pet waste can transmit disease to visitors, children, and other pets, and should be removed from the park and not left on park grounds. Please remember to bring plastic bags or other storage bags to properly transport waste from the park. Cleaning up after your dog is the responsible thing to do! See our Pets section of the Superintendent Compendium for full details.

There are parasites in the park that both you and your pet should avoid, including wildlife and insects. Please check your pet for visible parasites immediately after your visit.

Following these simple rules will make your visit to the park, as well as your pet's visit, a more enjoyable one!

A black and white image of a man in a suite and fedora walking next to a fence and a dog
President Eisenhower walks outside of the White House with his own B.A.R.K. Ranger, the White House dog, Heidi. After the Eisenhower's left Washington, Heidi joined them at their Gettysburg farm.

Eisenhower Presidential Library

Learn how your four-legged friends can become B.A.R.K. Rangers at Eisenhower National Historic Site!

Last updated: May 18, 2023

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