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Distance learning programs for the 2021-2022 school year include six diifferent Virtual Field Trip Ranger Programs each based upon a critical focus question.
Perfect for remote or classroom learning sessions, and for document and inquiry-based learning goals and assessments. Elementary, middle, and high school sessions from 10 to 100 students at a time. We present up to four sessions each day, primarily on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

*Note: These programs are designed and intended for school and other groups, including Homeschool Co-Ops. For family and individual homeschool opportunities, please visit our Programming for Families and Homeschools page. Students and families are also encouraged to take a Virtual Tour of the Battlefield as well as 3D Tours of some of the famous buildings on the battlefield!


Choose one of the seven focus or essential questions for your students to investigate, then watch an introductory film, review primary source documents, and conclude with a Park Ranger session from Gettysburg! Perfect for document and inquiry-based learning goals and assessments. Programs offered for elementary, middle and high school classes.

"FLAT RANGER'S Time Travel"
Grade Level: Elementary (2-5)
Essential/Focus Question: How do old buildings, documents, monuments, and landscape features transport us back in time?

Grade Level: Elementary and Lower-Middle (3-6)
Essential/Focus Question: After having served in a Civil War army for three months, would you decide to re-enlist to serve for three years? Why? Why not?

Grade Level: Elementary and Middle (3-8)
Essential/Focus Question: Did Lincoln's 1863 Gettysburg trip and speech make a difference in the Civil War?

Grade Level: Middle and High School (6-12)
Essential/Focus Question: Which moments were the turning points of the Battle of Gettysburg? Of the Civil War?

Grade Level: Upper-Middle and High School (6-12)
Essential Question: What were the decision points and consequences for Gettysburg's residents, especially African American residents, during and after the battle?

Grade Level: Upper-Middle and High School (6-12)
Essential/Focus Question: Were the consequences of war, including the destruction and loss of life at Gettysburg, necessary to resolve the country’s issues?

Monument Matters
Grade Level: Upper-Middel and High School (8-12)
Essential/Focus Question: How can monuments help or hinder a full understanding of American history?


How To Reserve

To Begin Your Reservation Request for any of our virtual field trip programs, please email our education team the following information:

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Note: All Programs and Procedures are subject to change.


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