Your Park! Your Health! in Action!

National Park Conservation Association's Center for Park Management, in partnership with the National Park Service, developed this short film by National Park Experience to showcase YOUR PARK! YOUR HEALTH!. Here award-winners Amy Marquis (Director) and Dana Romanoff (Cinematographer) capture the essence of Gateway National Recreation Area and the life-changing experiences shared by interns on Team 2014.

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4 minutes, 57 seconds

Share the adventures of Team 2014!


Team 2013

Your Park! Your Health!
Team 2013 pooled their awesome collective energies to soar through a season that saw expansion of Lets Go! activity offerings, increased participation and diversity among audiences, establishment of new partnerships with local multi-cultural organizations and a Facebook presence that grew by 500%. In this video, they share their inspiring story!

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5 minutes, 47 seconds

See the adventures of the 2013 YPYH crew!



Team 2012

In 2012 the name of this community wellness and inclusive outreach initiative was changed to Your Park! Your Health!
, a reflection of broadening cultural diversity among interns and the participating public. Please enjoy this engaging Powerpoint created by the talented and exceptionally dedicated interns of Your Park! Your Health! Team 2012!

Download the 2012 YPYH Powerpoint here!

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Team 2011

The brave and charismatic young people who came together as
Tu Parque! Tu Salud! Team 2011 set the momentum for a pilot internship program that continues to grow, inspire and enrich dialogue between the park and multi-diverse neighboring communities. See Team 2011 in action!


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