Field Trips

Bring Your Class to Gateway!

Teachers and students can explore most park sites by participating in a variety of ranger-guided programs and self-guided field trips.

Be a pollinator protector and a soil sleuth at the Jamaica Bay Unit, host of several exciting nature-based programs.

Combine history and science as you defend New York Harbor with air powered cannons in the program "Sentinels of Our Shores" at Fort Wadsworth.
For more information about field trips in the Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens Units of Gateway, contact Geri Kobryn-Blatter at 718-338-3338 ext. 274 or email us.

Sandy Hook Unit has many educational opportunities in both natural and cultural history. Guided school programs are conducted for a fee by the following partner organizations, NJ Seagrant and the American Littoral Society. They can be reached at: 732-872-1300 and 732-291-0055

image of Fort Wadsworth from the 1800s
Sentinels of our Shores
Location: Fort Wadsworth, S. I
How did a young United States defend its greatest port, New York City? Sentinels of Our Shores takes upper elementary students back to the year 1846, when war clouds gathered over the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Students will use the scientific method and map reading skills to defend New York from attack.

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Citizen Science education programs at Jamaica Bay
Students testing the pH of soil
Habitats by Land and Sea

National Park Service

Habitats by Land and Sea
Location: Jamaica Bay Unit, Queens, NY

Students will aid the park by performing simple tests to determine the soil quality and appropriate native plants to plant, as restoring native pollinator habitats is an important priority for many environmental groups and the federal government. 'Habitats by Land and Sea' aims to educate students about pollinators and their importance to our lives, while giving students first-hand experience with real science including data collection, and the scientific method.

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Students recording information about birds
Birds, Brains and Binoculars

National Park Service

Birds, Brains, and Binoculars
Location: Jamaica Bay Unit, Queens, NY

The Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is part of the vital east coast corridor for migratory birds. Students collect important data on whether birds are swimming, standing, or grooming, and the types of habitats they are using. Students use their data to partner with scientists in monitoring and improving the ecosystem for migrating birds. Understanding the behavior birds exhibit while at the refuge aids Gateway scientists in making smart land management decisions.

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Students gathering trash and data
Classifying plastic marine debris at the shore

National Park Service

Clean Shore Corps

Location, Jamaica Bay Unit, Queens

Students will explore real world causes and harmful effects of plastic marine debris and how it enters New York waterways. Using apps and modern data collection techniques, students collect and classify the kinds of plastics found on streets and shores of Jamaica Bay. Students will then use this data to develop a course of civic action to reduce plastics in our bays and oceans.

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