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As part of the Every Kid Outdoors initiative, Gateway NRA is excited to offer ranger- and partner-led education programs for 4th grade classes. See programs available and instructions for booking your field trip below! For teacher-led programs, please find more information here. Questions? e-mail us

Field Trips to Gateway NRA

Teachers and students can explore the park by participating in a variety of ranger-guided programs and self-guided field trips.

The Sandy Hook Unit has many additional educational opportunities in both natural and cultural history. Guided school programs are conducted for a fee by the following partner organizations: New Jersey Seagrant Consortium and the American Littoral Society.

Students recording information about birds
Students observe and study birds at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

NPS Photo

Project Birdwing
Flying is an astounding adaptation that only a select number of animals have the privilege of experiencing. Project Birdwing gives students an opportunity to observe, test and study wing adaptations from birds in their area. Emphasizing aerodynamics, the relationship between adaptations and habitat, and the use of observation tools, students build models, observe birds in their natural environment and share their knowledge through a school-wide field guide.
To book this field trip, please download our Field Trip Request Form. This program takes place at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Clean Shore Corps explores real world causes and harmful effects of plastic marine debris and how it enters New York waterways. Using apps and modern data collection techniques, students collect and classify the kinds of plastics found on streets and shores of Jamaica Bay. Please note that this program requires transportation between two points within the park.To book this field trip, please download our Field Trip Request Form. This program takes place at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and North Channel Bridge.


Urban Soils Keepers with Urban Soils Institute
Students make the national park their backyard for the day and get a deeper view into the natural world that supports our human world.

From this workshop, students learn about the organisms and ecosystems supported by soils through connections to community, to the natural world, and to human values. Activities are hands-on and group oriented.

The lessons start with how soils form, explore the life in soils, its various characteristics, and how soils support everything from the natural world to our built environment! This program is presented by the Urban Soils Institute.

To book this field trip, e-mail or
This program takes place at Floyd Bennett Field.

Marsh and Ocean Environments: Lenape and the Jersey Shore
Use a seine net to observe and learn about local marine species and human impact on our shorelines; or learn, how native Lenape used the natural resources still present on Sandy Hook to survive and thrive. This program is presented by the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium.
To book this program, please contact
This program takes place at Sandy Hook.
Coastal Habitat Heroes
Students gain a new perspective of their city by visiting a park in Jamaica Bay and learning about estuarine ecology and threats posed by marine debris.

Students spend their trip learning about the plants and animals found in Jamaica Bay by observing organisms caught in a beach seine net. Students also take an active role in stewarding the bay environment by participating in a shoreline cleanup while collecting data on the amount of trash they remove.

After discussing how and why trash arrives on NYC's shorelines, students discuss ways they can protect their urban environment through their everyday actions. This program is presented by the Jamaica Bay Rockaway Parks Conservancy.

To book this field trip, e-mail
This program takes place at your choice of the following parks: Plumb Beach, Canarsie Pier, Marine Park and Dubos Point Wildlife Sanctuary.

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