Wilderness Concerns

Ranger floating down the Noatak river.

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Noatak River

The lakes at the various put in and take out points are receiving heavy camping use (Twelvemile Slough, Portage Lake, Nelson Walker Lake, Pingo Lake and Lake Matcharak). Vegetation around the lakes is being destroyed and the impact is detracting from the area's wild character. After arriving move directly to the river to camp. Camp on river gravel bars. Use existing trails between lakes and the river. Do not build fires on the tundra.

Evidence of over use in the Arrigetch Peaks
Overuse impacts in the Arrigetch area.

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Lower Arrigetch Creek:

There are several areas that have been heavily used. There are limited areas to camp. Use existing campsites where possible. Try not to expand the size of the existing campsites. Carry and use a stove. There is a limited wood supply and fire pits mar the scenery. Technical climbers should contact the Park Service.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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