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Visitors should always remain diligent and cautious with animals in the wild. The presence and actions of pets commonly attracts wildlife and can cause dangerous and unwanted encounters with defensive wildlife. It is important not only for visitor safety, but also wildlife and natural resources safety, that animals be controlled or restrained at all times.

There are no closed areas to pets in Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve. The Code of Federal Regulations: Section 2.15(a)(2) states unlawful domesticated animal use of Gates of the Arctic is 'failing to crate, cage, restrain on a leash which shall not exceed six feet in length, or otherwise physically confine a pet at all times.' Section 2.15(a)(3) states 'sled dogs may be left unattended for up to 24 hours when afforded adequate shelter and food and water.' Leaving pets unattended at a public use cabin for any length of time is prohibited.

Any killing of an animal or disrupting natural processes of animals by an unrestrained pet violates the Code of Federal Regulations. Pets may be used in hunting if allowed by regulations in areas that allow hunting.

Many visitors employ personal floatation devices for pets when traveling on the rivers or lakes, as the water is often very cold and swift.

Both communities of Bettles and Anaktuvuk Pass have strict pet leash policies. Keep pets leashed at all times in these areas as dog teams and kennels are prevalent.

The intent of these requirements is to help ensure pet safety by keeping them from being lost or injured, harassing wildlife, causing predation, endangering visitors, and harming or damaging resources.

Last updated: July 21, 2017

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