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Gates of the Arctic is the United States’ premier wilderness park. Its towering mountains run through a delicate balance of tundra, boreal forest, and coastal plains fed by icy rivers and lakes. Here visitors experience solitude, self reliance and nature on its own terms. However, the short growing season and permafrost create a surprisingly fragile Arctic ecosystem. The National Park Service is dedicated to preserving the natural and cultural wonders of the park as well as the wilderness experience available to all.

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Private land and cabins are scattered throughout Alaskan parks and refuges. Though travel may be through remote country, you may encounter private property.

  • Cabins, caches, traplines and fishnets should be respected and not disturbed.
  • Check with the land manager of the area you are visiting for land status.
  • You may also encounter prehistoric or historic sites. These sites usually hold great significance for the local Native people. Respect their heritage and leave the site undisturbed.
  • During your trip in the Arctic, you will most likely visit rural communities. Invasion of community privacy is a concern of many rural residents. Be sensitive to local lifestyle activities. Ask before photographing.

It is illegal to remove most natural objects, including plants and flowers, as well as cultural artifacts from any National Park Service lands.

Natural objects of beauty or interest, such as antlers or fossils, should be left for others to discover and enjoy. Antlers also provide an important calcium source for small mammals.

Gates of the Arctic has been inhabited for thousands of years. Descendants of ancient residents still use the land and its resources to lead subsistence lives. Any items that you find such as traps, tools, firepits, etc., that appear recent, may be parts of historical or prehistoric cultural sites. Please do not disturb things that are even potentially cultural or historic structures or artifacts. Please report such sites to park staff so they can be surveyed.

Last updated: March 2, 2023

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