Resource Briefs

Gates of the Arctic staff along with partners from other agencies and academic institutions conduct work in the park to learn about and protect the park's ecological systems, wildlife, and historic sites. Here you'll find brief project updates that describe these research and resource management activities.

Bull Caribou in fall tundra

Keeping Tabs on Caribou and Moose Populations (pdf 1552 kb)

Using radio collars to track movements and behaviors of Caribou and Moose is an ongoing effort of park biologists.

A collection of handmade birch bark baskets and hand carved wooden ladles.

Subsistence Management in Gates of the Arctic (pdf 2318kb)

Management of subsistence resources and activities is a community effort through the Subsistence Resource Commission.

A white hare almost invisible on the snow.
Snowshoe Hare Project (pdf 1386kb)

This report provides updates on the long term Snowshoe Hare study around the eastern boundary of the park.
The alpenglow turns an Arrigetch Peak golden.

Arrigetch Peaks National Natural Landmark (pdf 2107kb)

The history and significance of the Arrigetch Peaks: "The Fingers of the Hand Outstretched"

An archeologist excavating at a Lake Matcharak site.

Uncovering Prehistory at Lake Matcharak (pdf 2636kb)

Excavations at a 7,000 year old hunting camp deep in the Brooks Range.

Archeologists at Walker Lake 1
Archaeological Survey at Walker Lake (pdf 1984kb)

Results from investigations in 2013 near the south end of Walker Lake.
Archaeologists excavating at Matcharak Lake

Paleo-Eskimo Culture at Lake Matcharak (pdf 387kb)

Results of preliminary investigations of a 4,000 year old archaeological site.

A small grey-black obsidian projectile point

Prehistoric Networking: Obsidian in Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve (pdf 791kb)

Using geochemical analyses to investigate archaeological obsidian.

Wooden Bow fragments laying on the tundra.

Eskimo Hunting Bow (pdf 511kb)

Description and analysis of a prehistoric wooden bow found near the Nigu River.

Last updated: April 10, 2019

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