ANILCA Sec 201 (4)

ANILCA , PL 96-487 §201

SEC 201 (4)(a) Gates of the Arctic National Park, containing approximately seven million fifty-two thousand acres of public lands, Gates of the Arctic National Preserve, containing approximately nine hundred thousand acres of Federal lands, as generally depicted on map numbered GAAR-90,011, and dated July 1980. The park and preserve shall be managed for the following purposes, among others: To maintain the wild and undeveloped character of the area, including opportunities for visitors to experience solitude, and the natural environmental integrity and scenic beauty of the mountains, forelands, rivers, lakes, and other natural features; to provide continued opportunities, including reasonable access, for mountain climbing, mountaineering, and other wilderness recreational activities; and to protect habitat for and the populations of, fish and wildlife, including, but not limited to, caribou, grizzly bears, Dall sheep, moose, wolves, and raptorial birds. Subsistence uses by local residents shall be permitted in the park, where such uses are traditional, in accordance with the provisions of title VIII.

(b) Congress finds that there is a need for access for surface transportation purposes across the Western (Kobuk River) unit of the Gates of the Arctic National Preserve (from the Ambler Mining District to the Alaska Pipeline Haul Road) and the Secretary shall permit such access in accordance with the provisions of this subsection.

(c) Upon the filing of an application pursuant to section 1104(b), and (c) of this Act for a right-of-way across the Western (Kobuk River) unit of the preserve, including the Kobuk Wild and Scenic River, the Secretary shall give notice in the Federal Register of a thirty-day period for other applicants to apply for access.

(d) The Secretary and the Secretary of Transportation shall jointly prepare an environmental and economic analysis solely for the purpose of determining the most desirable route for the right-of-way and terms and conditions which may be required for the issuance of that right-of-way. This analysis shall be completed within one year and the draft thereof within nine months of the receipt of the application and shall be prepared in lieu of an environmental impact statement which would otherwise be required under section 102(2)(C) of the National Environmental Policy Act. Such analysis shall be deemed to satisfy all requirements of that Act and shall not be subject to judicial review. Such environmental and economic analysis shall be prepared in accordance with the procedural requirements of section 1104(e). The Secretaries in preparing the analysis shall consider the following-

(i) Alternative routes including the consideration of economically feasible and prudent alternative routes across the preserve which would result in fewer or less severe adverse impacts upon the preserve.

(ii) The environmental and social and economic impact of the right-of-way including impact upon wildlife, fish, and their habitat, and rural and traditional lifestyles including subsistence activities, and measures which should be instituted to avoid or minimize negative impacts and enhance positive impacts.

(e) Within 60 days of the completion of the environmental and economic analysis, the Secretaries shall jointly agree upon a route for issuance of the right-of-way across the preserve. Such right-of-way shall be issued in accordance with the provisions of section 1107 of this Act.

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