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These activities are all in pdf format. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them and print them out. Have fun!
Golden Plovers migrates to Gates of the Arctic from Hawaii, Asia, Australia, and South America.
American Golden Plover

NPS Photo

MIGRATION STATION: Learn about five birds that travel to Alaska each year. Map their routes from all over the world.
A muskox on a gravel bar looks intently at the camera.
ALASKAN ADAPTATIONS: How do animals survive the cold dark winters of Gates of the Arctic?
An outline of a grizzly bear.
ALASKA ANIMANIA: Imagine and draw a new animal in its habitat.
A stone point found in Gates of the Arctic.

NPS Photo

CULTURAL CONNECTIONS: Learn about people who have lived in Gates of the Arctic National Park for thousands of years.

A ranger checks his location with a map and compass.

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DISCOVERING DIRECTIONS: Take a hike with Katy through arctic Alaska. Bring your map and compass!
The Koyukuk River flows between Boreal Mountain and Frigid Crags, the Gates of the Arctic.

NPS Photo   Teri McMillan

LEAVE NO TRACE: Print out the game and take a trip through Gates of the Arctic. Be careful not to leave a trace!

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