GAAR-00222 Collection Images


The images that follow are but a few examples of the thousands of artifacts collected from AMR-186, the Lake Matcharak Paleo-Eskimo site. Many of the images depict definitive Denbigh Flint Complex style lithic artifacts, representative of the more broad reaching Arctic Small Tool tradition. These artifacts are well known in arctic archaeology for their fine craftsmanship and diminutive size.

The bifaces and microblades were likely used as inserts in composite, organic projectile points. The flake tool, burins and burin spalls may all have been utilized in modifying organic materials, such as bone, antler and wood.

The images of the organic artifacts depict a rarity in arctic archaeology in that they are the only known such examples from any Denbigh site. It is unknown what the elongate, slender object with linear engraving may have been used for. The tapered object with pointed ends may have been some sort of awl or punch.


Last updated: April 14, 2015

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