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This new podcast will take you "beyond the velvet rope" at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site and provide a personal, behind the scenes look at the Pacific Northwest’s premiere archaeological and historic site.

Conversations with staff members, visitors, park partners and many of the site’s 400 volunteers will take you on an intimate journey and help show why this urban national park – with its historic buildings, expansive recreational opportunities, reconstructed 1840’s fur trade stockade, dozens of interpretive programs and special events, and a collection of over 2 million artifacts – is relevant today, drawing nearly 900,000 visitors a year.

From archaeologists analyzing latest finds to volunteer blacksmiths creating essential tools…from rangers crafting new programs and events to museum staff describing fascinating artifacts, this podcast will help you learn much about your national park and hopefully help you forge your own, personal connection to this very special and significant site.


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EPISODES (most recent listed first)
Archaeologist instructing students in the operation of surveyorr's equipment


Archaeology at Fort Vancouver, Part 2

Archaeologists Dr. Doug Wilson and Dr. Robert Cromwell continue their discussion of the park's archaeology program. They recap fifty years of archaeology at the site and also share their "dream digs" in the park.

Fort Vancouver Podcast, Episode 4 Part 2 (37.4 MB .MP3 file)
Archaeologist Bob Cromwell excavates a site at Fort Vancouver

NPS Photo

Archaeology at Fort Vancouver, Part 1

Ever wonder about the role of archaeology at Fort Vancouver? Join park employees Dr. Doug Wilson and Dr. Robert Cromwell behind the scenes as they describe the park's acclaimed archaeology program.

Fort Vancouver Podcast, Episode 4 Part 1 (38.7 MB .MP3 file)

Curator Tessa Langford holds an artifact next to a large storage drawer in the park's collection facility

NPS Photo

The Museum Collection

Curious about the more than two million artifacts that have been recovered at the site during archaeological digs? How about old images, textiles, and other objects? Join park employees Tessa Langford and Heidi Pierson behind the scenes with the park's extensive museum collection.

Fort Vancouver Podcast, Episode 3 (14.1 MB .MP3 File)

Photo of the exterior of the McLoughlin House with a red rhodedendron in the foreground.

NPS Photo

McLoughlin House Celebration

In May 2009, a special celebration commemorated the 100th anniversary of the preservation and relocation of the McLoughlin House. Join the park's volunteers, partners, staff and public officials as they share their reflections on the day and its significance.

Fort Vancouver Podcast, Episode 2 (17.4 MB .MP3 file)

three uniformed soldiers fire the mountain howitzer

NPS Photo by Marv Binegar

Historic Weapons Programs

Ever wonder what's behind the big "boom" of the cannon or the "crack" of the musket at one of the park's black powder programs? Join park rangers Bill DeBerry and Doug Halsey as they take you behind the scenes and demystify the park's historic weapons program.

Fort Vancouver Podcast, Episode #1 (28.2 MB .MP3 file)

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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