Vancouver Barracks in the 1880s

The 1880s were a time of great change at Vancouver Barracks. In many ways, the issues our nation faces today are not that different from those faced by the country then. Discover some of the many stories from Vancouver Barracks in the 1880s in this series of articles.
Black and white photo of Vancouver Barracks in the 1880s.

What happened at Vancouver Barracks in the 1880s? How does it relate to life in the 21st century? Read this introduction to find out!

A photo of Officers' Row on a sunny day.

Read a timeline of events for Vancouver Barracks in the 1880s.

A black and white photo of a Native American family.
The Incarceration of the Tukudika

In 1880, a group of men, women, and children from the Tukudika band of Shoshone were incarcerated at Vancouver Barracks.

A black and white portrait of a Chinese man wearing traditional clothing.
Chinese Workers

Along Officers' Row, Chinese immigrants worked as servants, cooks, and laundrymen.

A black and white photo of a laundress in a Civil War-era camp.
Working Women

In the 1880s, the wives of enlisted men often worked as company laundresses. Discover their stories.

Black and white photo of enlisted men celebrating Christmas in the 1880s.
Entertaining the Enlisted Men

In the 1880s, the Vancouver Canteen was established to provide a place where enlisted men could relax and recreate.

A photo of Chief Joseph and John Gibbon sitting outdoors.
Chief Joseph and General Gibbon

In 1889, Nez Perce Chief Joseph and Brigadier General John Gibbon, who had been on opposing sides at the Battle of Big Hole, met here.


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