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Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park consist of hallowed, commemorative sites. They remember and honor the people who fought and died in Charleston Harbor during the American Revolution and American Civil War. Many parts of the forts are fragile and so are you! Please keep yourself and the forts from being injured.

Climbing is unsafe and can damage something that cannot be replaced, including you. Stay on designated pathways.

Watch your step. Many historic surfaces are now uneven and some areas may be damp and slippery, especially in the rain. Use handrails when climbing stairs.

Some interior areas have no electric lights. They can be dark and dangerous.

As part of the National Park System, everything here is protected. Do not remove or disturb any part of the fort structure or any living thing. If everyone who visited this place took just one brick, the fort would quickly disappear forever.

Smoking is not permitted at Fort Sumter. This includes the dock, the fort, and the grounds of Liberty Square in downtown Charleston.

Some areas are closed with chains and other barriers. Crossing them puts you at risk of serious injury.

Use insect repellent in the warmer months. Beware of fire ant mounds.

Summer here is hot and humid, so drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks out of the sun.

Skates and skating are not permitted anywhere inside park boundaries. This includes Fort Sumter, the Fort Sumter Visitor Education Center at Liberty Square, the ferry to Fort Sumter, Liberty Square park, Fort Moultrie, and the Fort Moultrie Visitor Center. This restriction includes, but is not limited to, skateboards, roller skates, inline skates, and skate shoes such as Heelys.

For additional policies please reference the Laws and Policies.

Last updated: March 14, 2019

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