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Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park (FOSU) was established to preserve and commemorate historical events in and around Charleston Harbor. The site was so designated because of its history as a part of our nation's seacoast defense. Our sites are rich in cultural and archaeological history; therefore, the National Park Service must be constantly aware of existing threats to the resource by those who would not respect its preservation ideals. The Service's mandate requires that it carefully plan and regulate the use of the park so that the park's resources are perpetuated and maintained unimpaired for future generations. Thus, the limits and kinds of use are circumscribed by requirements of resource management and protection. Please review Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park's regulations for details.

For more information:

  • Superintendent's Compendium (local FOSU regulations)
  • Firearms in the park
  • Title 36 CFR (General National Park Service regulations)
  • Unmanned Aircraft
    • Launching, landing, or operating an unmanned aircraft from or on lands or waters administered by National Park Service within the boundaries of Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park and Charles Pinckney National Historic Site is prohibited except as approved in writing by the superintendent.
    • Definition: the term "unmanned aircraft" means a device that is used or intended to be used for flight in the air without the possibility of direct human intervention from within or on the device, and the associated operational elements and components that are required for the pilot or system operator in command to operate or control the device (such as cameras, sensors, communication links). This term includes all types of devices that meet this definition (e.g. model airplanes, quadcopters, drones) that are used for any purpose, including for recreation or commerce.
    • This closure is necessary to maintain public safety, protect the park's wildlife, and to preserve the cultural resources of the park. Due to the significant historical events which took place on the grounds, any less restrictive measures would interfere with the visitors' opportunity to understand the significance of the park and would be inconsistent with the purpose for which the park was established and is managed.

Last updated: May 16, 2019

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