Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park has countless stories, rich in their diversity, but anchored in themes of freedom, service, and injustice. These sites are just a small piece of the American experience which builds the story of our nation.

Through wars and natural disasters, the stories that make Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie special have endured and are brought to life for new generations of visitors. Each visitor that spends time at our national historical park adds to the timeline and creates new stories and memories to be shared. Enjoy the articles on this page to learn more about the significance of Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park.
A colored depiction of Fort Sumter aflame and offering return cannon fire

Battle of Fort Sumter, April 1861

Learn more about the opening battle of the American Civil War here.

Group of liberated Africans seated on the deck of the USS Niagara, surrounded by standing white men.

The Echo Affair

The arrival of the African survivors of the slave ship, Echo, in Charleston in 1858 further divided the country over the issue of slavery.

Battle scene, depicting the 54th Massachusetts assault Fort Wagner. Men gathered around dying Col.

54th Massachusetts Regiment

The 54th Massachusetts Regiment achieved lasting fame and proved the valor of black soldiers in combat in Charleston Harbor in 1863.

A map of the British naval attack on Charleston, showing the fort on Sullivan's Island and the ships

Battle of Sullivan's Island - 1776

Patriots inside a palmetto log fort decisively defeated the Royal Navy in June 1776. The victory increased patriotic fervor in the South.

Portrait of British siege lines firing on the city of Charleston with Royal Navy ships in rivers

Siege of Charleston - 1780

The British southern campaign had tremendous early success with their capture of Charleston, the largest American defeat of the Revolution.

Photograph of Union Brig. Gen. Henry W. Benham seated in military uniform

Battle of Secessionville - 1862

The Battle of Secessionville, a Confederate victory, protected Charleston against the only overland campaign attempted by the Union.

Photograph of two mountain howitzers on Fort Sumter's parapet with harbor in background

Amphibious Assault on Fort Sumter

The Confederate defenders of Fort Sumter defeated US Navy sailors and Marines in a brief and decisive battle on September 8, 1863.

Photograph of First National Flag of Confederacy flying over damaged Fort Sumter

Confederate Occupation of Fort Sumter

Learn more about the Confederate occupation of Fort Sumter from 1861 - 65 and the Siege of Charleston.

Black and white photograph of SS Liebenfels, German freighter, in dry dock

Sabotage and US Navy in WWI Charleston

Learn more about an episode of German sabotage in Charleston Harbor before American entrance into World War I.

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