• Photograph of Robert Anderson

    Robert Anderson

    US Army commander of Fort Sumter at the outbreak of the American Civil War

  • Abner Doubleday

    Abner Doubleday

    Career US Army officer and Civil War general. Second in command under Anderson at Fort Sumter.

  • Truman Seymour

    Truman Seymour

    Civil War general and painter. Third in command under Anderson at Fort Sumter.

  • Quincy A. Gillmore

    Quincy A. Gillmore

    Civil engineer and Union general in Civil War

  • Samuel Francis Du Pont

    Samuel Francis Du Pont

    Rear Admiral in the US Navy

  • Robert Smalls

    Robert Smalls

    Union war hero and Congressman

  • John A. Dahlgren

    John A. Dahlgren

    Rear Admiral in the US Navy. Relieved Du Pont of command of South Atlantic Blockading Squadron in 1863.

  • Photo of Samuel W. Crawford

    Samuel W. Crawford

    US Army surgeon and Union general during the Civil War

  • Studio photograph of John G. Foster

    John G. Foster

    Part of the US Army garrison at Fort Sumter in 1861. Commander of Union forces in Charleston Harbor from May 1864 until February 6, 1865.

  • Photograph of George C. Strong standing with a Napoleonic pose, hand thrust inside jacket

    George C. Strong

    US Army brigadier general. Wounded in the July 18, 1863 assault on Battery Wagner.

Last updated: September 6, 2020

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