There are many ways to donate to your favorite park. Regardless of what form it takes, your donation is greatly appreciated!

You can make a gift to benefit our park either directly to the National Park Service or to our primary nonprofit, tax exempt support organization, the Fort Sumter - Fort Moultrie Historic Trust. If you make the gift directly to the park, the entire gift will be used for the purpose you and the park agree upon. No administrative cost is deducted from your gift directly to the National Park Service. Your check will be deposited in a government account and the full amount will be spent as you intended. Most parks have separate donation accounts for park-specific projects and programs for which you can earmark your gift. Government accounts are non-interest bearing and cannot generate interest between the time it is deposited and the time it is spent.

The advantage of making your gift check out to the Fort Sumter - Fort Moultrie Historic Trust, our park Friends Group, is that the amount will be deposited in an interest bearing account to assist park-prioritized requested projects or programs.

Cash & Check

Visitors to the park can give direct cash or check gifts through our donation boxes. Unlike entrance fees, 100% of donated funds stay in this park. Donation boxes are located at the Fort Sumter Visitor Center in Charleston and the Fort Moultrie Visitor Center on Sullivan's Island.


Historic objects, manuscripts, books and other related items that have a direct relationship with Fort Sumter or Fort Moultrie may be donated to the park's museum collection, where they are preserved for future generations to enjoy and learn. Contact Museum Curator Kate Funk to discuss anything you are considering donating to the park's collection.

Volunteer your time! The park can use your assistance in all areas of its operation. Depending upon your skills and interests and the needs of the park, we will match you to the best job available.


Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie are home to the rarest collection of American seacoast artillery in existence. Cannons manufactured as early as 1830 desperately need restoration after decades in harsh outdoor environments at both forts.

The Fort Sumter - Fort Moultrie Historical Trust has created Adopt-A-Cannon to help fund high-priority conservation by the Warren Lasch Conservation Center, renowned for ground-breaking work with the H.L. Hunley submarine.

Imagine putting your hands on historic cannons knowing you helped preserve these rare and priceless "witnesses" to American history. Individuals, groups, and organizations who contribute to preservation of these relics will be invited to observe the conservation process on-site at Fort Moultrie or Fort Sumter.

Please click here to lend your support. Thank you for helping preserve our treasured history. You can play an important part just by discussing the program with others who may also be interested.

Last updated: February 10, 2019

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