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A blog for those wanting to learn more about the 18th Century, Fort Stanwix/Schuyler, the American Revolution, and those who lived through the happenings.

“did you ever see where I was scalped?...” or the Unfortunate Tale of Captain Gregg

October 11, 2022 Posted by: Ranger Eric O.

Captain James Gregg was stationed at Fort Schuyler [present-day Rome, N.Y.] in the summer of 1777. Accompanied by his faithful dog, and Corporal Samuel Madison, Gregg went out of the fort to go hunting on the morning of June 25, 1777. This decision, against standing orders, would prove infinitely fateful.


Siege 1777: The Garrison of Fort Schuyler

August 04, 2022 Posted by: Ranger Bill S.

The American Revolution in New York became complicated as families and communities turned against each other and fighting spilled into the Mohawk Valley. Learn who fought for the American cause during the Siege of 1777 in this article.


The Northern Campaign of 1777

August 04, 2021 Posted by: Ranger Bill

From the beginning of the American Revolution, the British had understood the importance of gaining control of the Lake Champlain-Lake George-Hudson River water route to effectively cut off the colonies north of New York from those to the south. Almost all the troubles leading to the war had originated from New England, and the British hoped that if they could put down the rebellion there, the rest of the colonies might consider abandoning the war.


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