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A blog for those wanting to learn more about the 18th Century, Fort Stanwix/Schuyler, the American Revolution, and those who lived through the happenings.

Not Quite Home for the Holidays

November 18, 2022 Posted by: Rangers Bill & Kelly

Life at Fort Stanwix/Schuyler was always difficult and demanding of sacrifice. However, the winter brought conditions and hardships to the men, women, and children garrisoned here that were sometimes worse than an enemy attack. After several years of war, sometimes the holidays that should have brought reasons to celebrate only reminded people of their unbearable living conditions and their separation from loved ones.


For Want of Clean Water

September 27, 2022 Posted by: Ranger Kelly

National Park Service

Toilets were not a humorous topic in the 18th Century. In fact, access to clean water and proper sanitation meant that disease would not spread. An idea that was not always taken seriously in the British or Continental armies.


“did you ever see where I was scalped?...” or the Unfortunate Tale of Captain Gregg

October 11, 2022 Posted by: Ranger Eric O.

Captain James Gregg was stationed at Fort Schuyler [present-day Rome, N.Y.] in the summer of 1777. Accompanied by his faithful dog, and Corporal Samuel Madison, Gregg went out of the fort to go hunting on the morning of June 25, 1777. This decision, against standing orders, would prove infinitely fateful.


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