Using GPS (Global Positioning System)

The physical address for the park is:

301 Parker Avenue
Fort Smith, AR 72901

We have tested a number of different brands of GPS devices, but not all. If you are unable to locate the Fort Smith National Historic Site via the address listed above, please feel free to call us at 479-783-3961.



If you are using the online map application Map Quest, please be aware that their map is outdated. (Try Google Maps for updated maps.) Neither Third Street or Parker Avenue run through the park grounds any longer. This will affect visitors coming from the west over Highway 64 (from Oklahoma). The best route from the west is as follows:

  • Heading East-bound on Hwy 64 (Garrison Ave.) turn right onto 4th St.
  • Continue through the first stop sign (Rogers Ave) and turn right at Parker Avenue.
  • Available parking can be found off of Third Street. Our parking lot is designed for all types of vehicals (cars, trucks, busses, RV's, etc.,)

Fort Smith is serviced by the Fort Smith Regional Airport. Direct flights are available to Fort Smith from Memphis, and Dallas-Fort Worth. From the Regional Airport go west on Rogers Avenue to the downtown area.


  • From Interstate 40 Eastbound: Exit at Roland, and drive six miles on highway 64 to downtown Fort Smith.
  • From Interstate 40 Westbound & from North I 540 & Fayetteville, take Interstate 40 westbound to I 540 south. Exit west on Rogers Ave. and continue to downtown.

In the downtown area: On Rogers or Garrison Ave turn south at 4th St. Turn right onto Garland Ave. At the end of the next block is the entrance to the main parking lot. Parking is also available on Third Street.

Public Transportation

A taxi service is available in the Fort Smith area. The City of Fort Smith operates an electric powered streetcar that tours downtown Fort Smith. During the Summer months, the trolly operates Monday through Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm and Sundays from 1:00pm-5:00pm. During the Winter, it runs Saturday and Sunday only. Fort Smith also operates a local bus transit service, find details here.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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Mailing Address:

301 Parker Ave
Fort Smith, AR 72901


(479) 783-3961

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