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If you have questions, need additional information, or clarification, please contact us via email or call the visitor center front desk at 479.783.3961


  • Two designated spaces in the main parking lot on the corner of 3rd St and Garland Ave,

  • One designated space on the corner of 3rd St and Parker Ave.

Visitor Center

  • The distance from the parking area(s) to the visitor center is between 150 and 220 yards. There are no benches.

  • Entrance: South end of the building nearest the gallows.

    • A button will open the exterior double doors and a second button will open the interior double doors.

  • Restrooms: men’s and women’s have manual pull doors.

    • The Unisex restroom has a manual door, the only baby changing station, and as enough room for multiple people if needed.

  • Theater: seating includes one designated seat with adjustable armrest and space for a wheelchair or other mobility device.

    • The park film is open captioned.

      • See the staff at the front desk for an Assisted Listening device.The same device can be used for the film It Took Brave Men shown on the second floor.

    • The park film has audio description
      • See the staff at the front desk for an Audio Description device. The same device can be used for the film It Took Brave Men shown on the second floor.

  • Benches and chairs can be found throughout the Visitor Center. Some do not have arm rests or backs.

  • The elevator available between the first and second floor.

  • Exhibit:s on the first and second floors have multiple lines of sight.

    • One 3D tactile panel with braille is on the 2nd floor in the jail exhibit.

    • Tactile maps showing the growth of the Fort Smith community are on the second floor.

    • The video kiosks on second floor have hand-held speakers, open captions, and a plug-in for headphones to listen to audio description.

  • Audio tour: is in both English and Spanish.

    • Transcripts in both English and Spanish are available at front desk.

Park Brochure


  • Five (5) Picnic tables are located in the main parking area.

    • Three (3) tables can have space for individuals using mobility devices.

    • Two (2) tables in the center median require a step up.

  • Tables are located on concrete pads.

Walkways and Trails

All walkways between buildings are 4 -5 feet wide concrete sidewalks. Slope is less than 2% and 1% cross-slope.

The River Loop Trail

  • Length: 1 mile
  • Slope: Undulating with segments of 5% - 7%; steepest is 11% for 35 feet on the levee embankment
  • Cross slope: max 1%
  • Surface material: Concrete
  • Width: 5 feet
  • There are multiple benches along the trail
  • Interpretive waysides that can be viewed without blocking the sidewalk.
  • The trail also crosses three active railroad tracks. Be alert for trains and the crossing are can be slippery and a possible trip hazard.
  • No access to the river
  • No water or restrooms are located along the trail

Service Animals

  • Service animals are allowed.

  • The Americans with Disability Act definition of a service animal. as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person's disability.

  • For more information ADA Service Animal FAQ


  • Water is available in the visitor center and the gazebo at the main parking lot.
  • Summer can be hot and the sidewalks around the parade ground have little to no shade.
  • Trash cans are located throughout the park to dispose of waste.

Access Pass

U.S. citizens or permanent residents with permanent disabilities are eligible for The America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Access Pass—or more simply, the Access Pass—which provides a wide range of discounts on activities and services when you visit federal lands. Access passes can issued (free) at the front desk or from the USGS store.

Last updated: August 3, 2020

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