Ceramic Ink Bottle

detail on bottle bearing maker's mark
Collection FOSM
Ceramic Ink Bottle
19th century stone bottle found during an archeological excavation in near perfect condition

Ceramic Ink Bottle

Excavated near foundation of courthouse at 75" below surface on 4/21/97.


This stoneware, made near Derby in England, has a smooth, highly vitrified fabric, which is gray in color. The interior of the ware is light brown to buff colored. The fine brown exterior color and surface appearance is a reaction of the clay and the salt glazing during the firing process.

The date range for this stoneware is 1800-1875+

Manufacturing information was impressed into the wet clay.

Vitreous Stone Bottle

J. Bourne & Son,


Derby Pottery,

Near Derby


P.& J. Arnold


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Last updated: April 10, 2015

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