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Officers' row walkway at Fort Scott
Convergence of three different walking surfaces at Fort Scott.  The concrete walkway that goes around the parade ground is seen to the left.  In the foreground is the asphalt walkway thtat takes visitors to areas behind Officers' Row.  Also shown is the stone walkway along Officers' Row.

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The main parking lot at the south entrance of the historic site includes designated parking near the Visitor Center for guests with disabilities. Upon arrival, the rest of the journey is either by foot or, if necessary, by wheelchair. Two wheelchairs are available for checkout at the Visitor Center.

Several types of paved surfaces provide access to the buildings at the site. Brick walkways lead up to the Visitor Center. From there, concrete aggregate sidewalks lead around and through the parade ground. Visitors will also encounter stone surfaces that make up the walkway along Officer’s Row as well as various front porches, and asphalt walkways that lead to the buildings behind Officer’s Row.

Visitors shoud be aware that the brick walkways and the stone porches can be uneven and rough to negotiate; assistance may be required. Those who use wheelchairs should be aware that the stone walkway along Officers' Row is only accessible using the concrete walkway in the middle of the parade ground, as there are stairs on either end.

Ramp at Building
One of several ramps at the site that is available for use by the mobility impaired.

The Visitor Center is wheelchair accessible via ramps at both the north and south entrances. Other buildings with ramps that allow access to the first floor include the infantry barracks, the guardhouse, and the mess hall in the dragoon barracks.

Buildings that are wheelchair accessible without ramps include the dragoon stables, ordinance shed, carriage house, and powder magazine. The laundress quarters, company office, and non-commissioned officer’s quarters, all located in the dragoon barracks, may be viewed from their respective doorways, but the interiors of these rooms are not open to the public for entrance.

For those visitors who experience difficulty with stairs, there are exhibits on-site which require little climbing in order to view. The commandant’s office, the first floor of the officers’ quarters, and the bakery are all exhibits with just one or two steps up to the entrance.


The second floor hospital exhibit and other second floor exhibits are not wheelchair accessible. However, a photograph book showing the inaccessible areas of the site is available at the information desk. Wheelchair accessible public restrooms are located in the Visitor Center and on the ground floor of the infantry barracks located on the east side of the parade ground.

The site's museum and film will be fully accessible via elevator when work is completed on that building in the winter of 2015. The movie can also be viewed on the site's website.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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