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cover sheet of Foundation document, shows two story hospital building with brick walkways approaching building

Foundation Document

Every unit of the national park system will have a foundational document to provide basic guidance for planning and management decisions—a foundation for planning and management. The core components of a foundation document include a brief description of the park as well as the park's purpose, significance, fundamental resources and values, other important resources and values, and interpretive themes. The foundation document also includes special mandates and administrative commitments, an assessment of planning and data needs that identifies planning issues, planning products to be developed, and the associated studies and data required for park planning. Along with the core components, the assessment provides a focus for park planning activities and establishes a baseline from which planning documents are developed.

Superintendent's Compendium 2018
Fort Scott National Historic Site Superintendent's Compendium is the summary of park specific rules implemented under the discretionary authority of the park Superintendent. It serves as public notice with an opportunity for public comment, identifies areas closed for public use, provides a list of activities requiring either a special use permit or reservation, and elaborates on those public use and resource protection regulations that pertain to the specific administration of the park.
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Cultural Landscape Report

The purpose of the Cultural Landscape Report (CLR) for FOSC is to document its significance and character defining features and to provide treatment recommendations for the Site. As the principle treatment document for the FOSC cultural landscape and a guide for long-term management, this CLR will provide the basis for future decisions.

Special Use Permit Application-to be used to request special uses of the park such as events and large public gatherings.

1st Amendment Map-Map showing where First Amendment activities can take place at Fort Scott NHS.

Firearms in National Parks

As of February 22, 2010, a federal law allows people who can legally possess firearms under applicable federal, state, and local laws, to legally possess firearms in this park.

It is the responsibility of visitors to understand and comply with all applicable state, local, and federal firearms laws before entering this park. As a starting point, please review information found on Kansas State websites

Federal law also prohibits firearms in certain facilities in this park; those places are marked with signs at all public entrances.

Last updated: February 2, 2018

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