A List of Participants in the Roanoke Voyages


Who were the personnel associated with the Roanoke Island colonies? A few such as Fort Raleigh National Historic Site - Heritage Education ProgramCavendish, Drake, Grenville, Harriot, and Lane were significant enough to have been remembered for other reasons. Most have defied scholarly attempts at identification for centuries. Although current research holds significant promise for their ultimate identification, some of the investor, settlers, explorers and mariners remain mere names on a list.

Most of the known names are listed here in alphabetical order with the date of their participation in one or more of the ventures, preparations, or relief efforts. The roster includes Arthure Barlowe'screcord of participants in the 1584 reconnaissance voyage; Ralph Lane's list of colonists who remained on Rooanoke Island for eleven months in 1585-1586; John White's list of settlers in the 1587 colony; the principal members of Sir Francis Drake's West Indian Voyage of 1585-1586 (which stopped over at Wococon, collected the settlers and returned to England); and a few of the participants in the 1585 Grenville expedition, the 1587 expedition and the 1588 and 1590 relief missions. In addition, all of the investors and assistants cited in the 1589 indenture and the 1587 Grant of Arms to the Cittie of Ralegh are included.

There are a few instances of identical names on the same and different lists. Duplications within a list have been noted. Some lists may have original name spellings, others have been anglicized. Recurrences among lists have been entered separately unless identification of the individual has been documented.

For easier identification, the names of colonists on the alphabetized list have been italicized and bolded. For interest in lists of participants associated with specific voyages, colonies or time frames, scroll down the page to see the following list categories:

1584 Reconnaisance; 1585-86 Colonists; Personnel Associated with the 1585-86 Venture; Sir Frances Drake's West Indian Voyage (stopped over at Roanoke); Personnel Associated with Grenville's 1585 Relief Voyage; Assistants of the Colony Who Did Not Remain in Virginia; Investors in the 1587 Colony; Personnel Associated With The 1590 Voyage.



Acton, Master [John], 1585-1586
Allen (Allyne), Master [Thomas?], 1585-1586
Allen, Morris, 1587
Amadas, Master Philip (Captain), 1584, 1585-1586
Annes, [?], 1586
Anwike, John, 1586-1586
Archard, Arnold, 1587
Archard, Joyce,1587
Archard, Thomas (boy), 1587
Ardle,[?], 1586
Arthur, Richard, 1587
Arundell, John, 1585
Atkinson, Master, 1585
Aubry, Captain, 1585
Backhouse, William, 1585-1586
Baily, Roger, 1587, 1589
Baily, Captain Walter, 1586
Barecombe, Edward, 1585-1586
Barlowe, Master Arthur (Captain), 1584, 1585
Barnes, Dennis, 1585-1586
Barton, Captain George, 1586
Bayly, Thomas, 1586
Bayly, Walter, 1589
Beale, Valentine, 1585-1586
Beching, Sylvester, 1585-1586
Bedford, John, 1590
Bennet, Marke, 1587
Berde (Baird?), William, 1587
Berrye, Henry, 1590
Berrye, Richard, 1587
Bevis, Thomas, 1590
Biscombe, Robert, 1585-1586
Bishop, Michaek, 1587
Bitfield, Captain, 1586
Blunt, Philip, 1585-1586
Boazio Baptista 1586
Boniten (Bonython?) Captain 1585
Bookener (Buckner?) Thomas 1585-1586
Borden John 1587
Borges Joseph 1585-1586Bragge Robert [1585?]
Bremige (Browewich or Bromwich?) Master (James?) 1585
Bridger John 1587
Bright John 1587
Brocke John 1585-1586
Brooke Francis 1585
Brooke John 1587
Bromwich. See also Bremige.
Browewich James 1584. See also Bremige.
Browne Henry 1587
Browne Henry (1585?)
Browne William 1587
Burden John 1587
Burke [?] 1586
Butler Richard (1584-1585?)
Butler Thomas 1587
Cage Anthony 1587
Cage John 1585-1586
Careless (Wright) Captain Edward 1586. See also Wright.
Carleill Captain Christopher 1586
Cates Lt. Thomas 1586
Cavendish Thomas 1585
Cely Captain Thomas 1586
Chamberlain [?] 1586
Chandeler John 1585-1586
Chapman (adult male) 1585-1586
Chapman Alis 1587
Chapman John 1587
Chappell Bennett 1585-1586
Cheven (Cheyne?) John 1587
Cheyne Vincent 1585-1586
Chipping Edward 1585-1586
Churchman Geffery 1585-1586
Clarke John 1585
Clefs Erasmus 1585-1586
Clement William 1587
Cocke Abraham 1590
Coffar (Coffin?) (adult male) 1586
Coleman Robert 1590
Colman (adult female) 1587
Colman Thomas 1587
Constable Marmaduke 1585-1586
Cooper Christopher 1587 1589
Cotsmur John 1587
Courtney Rise 1585-1586
Croftes Lt. [?] 1586
Crosse Captain Robert 1586
[?] Daniel 1585-1586. See also Hochstetter.
Dare Ananias 1587 1589
Dare Elinor 1587
Dare Virginia (child born on Roanoke Island) 1587
Darige Richard 1587
Davell William 1590
Deane Roger 1585-1586
Diaz Franco (or Pimienta) Pedro 1586
Dimmocke Humfrey 1589
Dorrell Henry 1587
Drake Sir Francis 1586
Drake Captain Thomas 1586
Dutton William 1587
Earnest John 1587
Ellis Robert (boy) 1587
Ellis Thomas 1587
English Edmond 1587
Erisey Captain James 1586
Eseven George 1585-1586
Evans John 1585-1586
Facy Arthur (Captain) 1586 1588
Facy John 1586 1590
Farre John 1587
Farthowe William 1585-1586
Fenner Captain Thomas 1586
Fernandez Simon 1584 1585 1587
Fever John 1585-1586
Fleetwood Henry 1589
Florrie Charles 1587
Foxe Thomas 1585-1586
Frobisher Captain Martin 1586
Fullwood William 1587
Gamage William 1589
Ganz Joachim 1585-1586. See also Yougham.
Garden Humfrey 1585-1586
Gardiner Master 1585-1586
Gates Sir Thomas 1585
George William 1589
Gerrard John 1589
Gibbes John 1587
Gilbert Richard 1585-1586
Gilman Captain Edward 1586
Glande Darby 1585-1586
Glane Elizabeth 1587
Gorges Edward 1585 1586
Goring Captain John 1586
Gostigo John 1585-1586
Gramme Thomas 1587
Grant John 1586
Greene Henrie 1584
Grenville Sir Richard 1585 1586
Grenville William 1584
Griffyn Rowland 1585-1586
Hakluyt Richard 1587 1589
Hampton John 1586
Hance (adult male surgeon?) 1590. See also Walters Haunce.
Harden Thomas 1590
Harding Hugh 1589
Harding Thomas 1589
Harrie Bennet 1585-1586
Harriot Thomas 1585-1586
Harris Gabriel 1589
Harris John 1585-1586
Harris Thomas 1587 (name appears twice)
Harvye [?] (child born on Roanoke Island) 1587
Harvye Dionyse 1587 1589
Harvye Margery 1587
Harvie Master Thomas 1585-1586
Hawkins Captain Richard 1586
Hawkins Captain William Jr. 1586
Hemmington John 1587
Henley [?] 1586
Herne Griffith 1586
Hesket Thomas 1585-1586
Hewes John 1584
Hewet Thomas 1587
[Hochsetter?] Daniel 1585-1586
Holecroft Robert 1585-1586
Hoode Thomas 1589
Howe George 1587
Howe George (boy) 1587
Hulme Thomas 1585-1586
Humfrey Richard 1585-1586
Humfrey Thomas (boy) 1587
Hutton Robert 1590
Hynde James 1587
Ireland Richard 1585-1586
Irish Captain William 1587 [1590?]
Johnson Henry 1587
Johnson Nicholas 1587
Jonas [?] 1586
Jones Griffen 1587
Jones Jane 1587
Jones John 1587
Kelborne Edward 1590
Kelley Edward 1585-1586
Kelley Edward 1590
Kemme Richard 1587
Kendall Abraham 1586
Kendall Master 1585-1586
Ketcheman Edward 1585-1586
Ketill Lt. [?] 1586
Kettell Edward 1585-1586
Knollys Captain Francis 1586
Lacy James 1585-1586
Lacy James 1587
Lane Ralfe 1585-1586
Lane Captain William 1586
Large Roger 1585-1586
Large Roger 1587
Latham Randall 1585-1586
Laurentson Martin 1585
Lawrence Margaret 1587
Linsey John 1585-1586
Little Peter 1587
Little Robert 1587
Longe [?] 1586
Lowde Christopher 1585-1586
Lucas William 1587
Luddington Thomas 1585-1586
Lyne Mathewe 1585-1586
Macklyn Robert 1589
Man Jeremie 1585-1586
Mannering Jane 1587
Marchant Captain John 1586
Marler Walter 1589
Marshall Christopher 1585-1586
Martin Captain John 1586
Martin Thomas 1589
Martyn George 1587
Marvyn Master 1585-1586
Mason James 1585-1586
Masters Robert 1585
Matthew John 1587
Mayne Randall 1585-1586
Merrimoth Emme 1587
Mill Walter 1585-1586
Millard William 1585-1586
Millett Henry 1590
Morgan Captain Mathew 1586
Myllet Michael 1587
Mylton Henry 1587
Nevil Edmund 1589
Newsome John 1586
Newton Humfrey 1587
Nicholes William 1587
Nicholls Philip 1586
Nichols John 1587
Nichols John 1589
Norris Frauncis 1585-1586
North Gabriell 1585-1586
Nugent Edward 1585-1586
Parre Thomas 1585-1586
Pattenson Hugh 1587
Payne Henry 1587
Payne Rose 1587
Petman Nicholas 1584
Pew Captain Robert 1586
Phevens Thomas 1587
Philips Thomas 1585-1586
Philips William 1585-1586
Pierce Jane 1587
Plat James 1587
Platt Captain Anthony 1586
Polison Michael 1585-1586
Pomarie Steven 1585-1586
Poore Richard 1585-1586
Potkin Henry 1585-1586
Powell Edward 1586
Powell Edward 1587
Powell Wenefrid 1587
Prat John (boy) 1587
Prat Roger 1587 1589
Prideauz Master [Richard?] 1585-1586
Ralegh Sir Walter 1584 1585 1586 1587 1588 1589 1590
Randes William 1585-1586
Raymond Captain George 1585
Rivers Captain John 1586
[?] Robert 1585-1586
Robyns Philppe 1585-1586
Rogers Master Hugh 1585-1586
Rottenbury Thomas 1585-1586
Rowse Master Anthony 1585-1586
Rufoote Henry 1587
Russell Master [Gregory or Rowland?] 1585
Salter David 1585-1586
Sampson John 1587 1589
Sampson John (boy) 1587
Sampson Captain John 1586
Sanderson William 1589 1590
Sare Richard 1585-1586
Scot Thomas 1587
Seklemore Edwarde 1585-1586
Shaberdge Richard 1587
Skevetabs Thomas 1585-1586
Skinner James 1585-1586
Skinner Ralph 1590
Smart Thomas 1585-1586
Smart Thomas (boy) 1587
Smith Thomas 1587 (name appears twice)
Smolkin [?] 1585-1586
Smythe Thomas 1589
Snelling Master 1585-1586
Sole William 1587
Sparrow Philip 1586
Spendlove John 1587
Spicer Edward 1590
Stafford Edward 1585-1586 1587
Stanton Richard 1586
Starte John 1587
Stevens Thomas 1587 1589
Stevenson Charles 1585-1586
Stevenson James 1585-1586
Stilman John 1587
Stone William 1589
Stukely John 1585
[Stuteville Sir Martin] 1586
Sutton Martyn 1587
Swabber Nicholas 1585-1586
Swanne Henry 1590
Tappan Audry 1587. See also Topan.
Taverner Richard 1587
Tayler Clement 1587
Tayler Hugh 1587
Taylor John 1585-1586
Taylor John 1590
Taylor Thomas 1585-1586
Tenche William 1585-1586
Thorowgood [?] 1586
Tomkins Richard 1587
Topan Thomas 1587. See also Tappan.
Twyt John 1585-1586 [Possibly John White?]
Tydway John 1587
Vaughan Captain 1585-1586
Vaughan Captain John 1586
Viccars Ambrose 1587
Viccars Ambrose (boy) 1587
Viccars Elizabeth 1587
Vincent [Thomas?] 1585
Wade Thomas 1589
Walden Edmund 1589
Walsingham Sir Francis 1585
Walters Haunce 1585-1586. See also Hance.
Walters William 1585-1586
Warner Thomas 1587
Warren Joan 1587
Wasse William 1585-1586. See also Wisse.
Waters William 1587
Whiddon Jacob (1585?)
White Cutbert 1587
White John [1584?] 1585 1587 1588 1589 1590
White William 1585-1586
Whitton Frauncis 1585-1586
Whyte Captain Henry 1586
Wildye Richard 1587
Wilkinson Robert 1587
Willes William 1587
Wilson Captain John 1586
Wisse Thomas 1585-1586. See also Wasse.
Willett Richard [1586?]
Williams David 1585-1586
Willis [?] 1586
Wood Agnes 1587
Wood Benjamin 1584
Wood John 1584
Wooten Lewes 1587
Wright (Careless) Captain Edward 1586. See also Careless.
Wright John 1585-1586
Wright John 1587
Wright Richard 1589
Wyles Brian 1587
Wyles John 1587
Wynter Captain Edward 1586
Wythers William (boy) 1587
Yougham Master 1585-1586. See also Ganz.
Yong Robert 1585-1586


Master Philip Amadas, Captain
Master Arthur Barlowe, Captain
William Greeneuille
Iohn Wood
Iames Browewich
Henrie Greene
Beniamin Wood
Simon Ferdinando
Nicholas Petman
Iohn Hewes
Granganimeo, King's brother
Wingina, King


(old spellings) Master Ralfe Lane
Master Philip Amades, Admiral of the country
Master Thomas Hariot
Master Acton
Master Edward Stafford
Thomas Luddington
Master Maruyn
Master Gardyner
Captain Vaughan
Master Kendall
Master Prideox
Robert Holecroft
Rise Courtenay
Master Hugh Rogers
Thomas Foxe
Edward Nugen
Darby Glande
Edward Kelle
Iohn Gostigo
Erasmus Clefs
Edward Ketcheman
Iohn Linsey
Thomas Rottenbury
Roger Deane
Iohn Harris
Frauncis Norris
Mathewe Lyne
Edward Kettell
Thomas Wisse
Robert Biscombe
William Backhouse
William White
Henry Potkin
Dennis Barnes
Ioseph Borges
Doughan Gannes (Joachim Gans)
William Tenche
Randall Latham
Thomas Hulme
Walter Myll
Richard Gilbert
Steuen Pomarie
Iohn Brocke
Bennet Harrye
Iames Stevenson
Charles Stevenson
Christopher Lowde
Ieremie Man
Iames Mason
Dauvid Salter
Richard Ireland
Thomas Bookener
William Philippes
Randall Mayne
Master Thomas Harvye
Master Snelling
Master Anthony Russe
Master Allyne
Master Michel Polyson
Iohn Cage
Thomas Parre
William Randes
Geffery Churchman
William Farthowe
Iohn Taylor
Philppe Robyns
Thomas Phillippes
Valentine Beale
Iames Skinner
George Eseuen
John Chaundeler
Philip Blunt
Richard Poore
Robert Yong
Marmaduke Constable
Thomas Hesket
William Wasse
Iohn Feuer
Thomas Taylor
Richard Humfrey
Iohn Wright
Gabriell North
Bennet Chappell
Richard Sare
Iames Lasie
Thomas Smart
Iohn Evans
Roger Large
Humfrey Garden
Frauncis Whitton
Rowland Griffyn
William Millard
Iohn Twyt (John White?)
Edwarde Seklemore
Iohn Anwike
Christopher Marshall
Dauid Williams
Nicholas Swabber
Edward Chipping
Syluester Beching
Vincent Cheyne
Haunce Walters
Edward Barecombe
Thomas Skeuelabs
William Walters

(Not all of these people made the trip)

Sir Walter Ralegh
Sir Christopher Hatton
Sir Francis Walsingham Sir Philip Sidney, MP
Sir William Courtnay, MP
Sir William Mohun, MP
John White, painter
Sir Richard Grenville, general
Simon Fernandez, chief pilot
John Clarke, Captain of Roebuck
Captain George Raymond, Captain of Lion of Chichester
Thomas Cavendish, Captain of Elizabeth
Arthur Barlowe
Captain Boniten
Captain Aubry
John Arundell
John Stukely
Edward Gorges
Master Bremige
Master Vincent
Captain John Copeltope
Edward, Scrivener
Richard Hakluyt, elder
Alonzo Cornieles, Captain of the Santa Maria of San Vicente
Enrique Lopez, Portuguese merchant
Bernard Drake
Amyas Preston
Andrew Fulforde, Captain of Ralegh's Job
Marvin, gentleman
Kendall, gentleman
Master Atkinson, servant of Sir Francis Walsingham
Master Russell, servant of Sir Francis Walsingham
Master H---, of the Middle Temple
Master Francis Brooke, treasurer
John Stubbe
Peregrine Bertie, Lord Willoughby de Eresby
Martin Laurentson, Danish mbr of Grenville's expedition
Diego Menendez de Valdes


Captain Walter Baily
Captain George Barton
Captain Walter Bigges
Captain Bitfield
Baptista Boazio, gentleman
Captain Edward Careless als Wright
Captain Christopher Carleill, Lieutenant General
Lieutenant Thomas Cates
Captain William Cecil (X)*
Captain Thomas Cely
--- Cottell, secretary (X)*
Lieutenant Croftes
Captain Robert Crosse
Sir Francis Drake, General and Admiral
Captain Thomas Drake
Captain James Erisey
Captain Thomas Fenner
Captain George Fortescue (X)*
Captain Martin Frobisher, Vice Admiral
Captain Edward Gilman
Captain John Goring
Master John Grant
Captain John Grenville (X)*
Captain Fulke Greville, later Lord Brooke; withdrew from voyage
Master John Hampton
Captain John Hannam (X)*
Captain Richard Hawkins
Captain William Hawkins, Sr.; withdrew from voyage
Captain William Hawkins, Jr.
--- Henley
Master Griffith Herne
--- Jonas, interpreter
Master Abraham Kendall
Captain Francis Knollys
Captain John Marchant
Captain John Martin
Captain Thomas Moone (X)*
Captain Matthew Morgan
Philip Nicholls, chaplain
Captain Robert Pew
Captain Anthony Platt
Anthony Powell, Sergeant Major (X)*
Edward Powell, Recorder
Captain John Rivers
Captain John Sampson
Philip Sparrowe, sailor
Richard Stanton, soldier
Captain John Varney (X)*
Captain John Vaughan
Lieutenant Waterhouse (X)*
Captain Henry Whyte
Captain John Wilson
Captain Edward Wynter
Nicholas Winter, gentleman (L)*
Robert Alexander (X)*
--- Annes, gentleman
---Ardle, gentleman
Mr Burke, soldier
Alexander Carleill (X)*
George Cavendish (X)*
--- Chamberlain, gentleman
James Dier (X)*
Peter Duke (X)*
Lieutenant Escot (X)*
Lieutenant Ketill
--- Longe, gentleman
Master John Newsome
Thomas Ogle, steward (X)*
Mr Scroope (X)*
Lieutenant Alexander Starkey (X)*
--- Thorowgood, gentleman
Lieutenant Thomas Tucker, soldier (X)*
Lieutenant Vincent (X)*
---Willis, gentleman

*(X)= died on voyage
*(L)= lost on voyage

(unresearched, no listing currently available)


John White, Governor
Roger Bailie, Assistant
Ananias Dare, Assistant
Christopher Cooper, Assistant
Thomas Stevens, Assistant
John Sampson, Assistant
Dyonis Harvie, Assistant
Roger Prat, Assistant
George Howe, Assistant
Nicholas Johnson
Thomas Warner
Anthony Cage
John Jones
John Tydway
Ambrose Viccars
Edmond English
Thomas Topan
Henry Berrye
Richard Berrye John Spendlove
John Hemmington
Thomas Butler
Edward Powell
John Burden
James Hynde
Thomas Ellis
William Browne
Michael Myllet
Thomas Smith
Richard Kemme
Thomas Harris
Richard Taverner
John Earnest
Henry Johnson
John Starte
Richard Darige
William Lucas
Arnold Archard
John Wright
William Dutton
Morris Allen
William Waters
Richard Arthur
John Chapman
William Clement
Robert Little
Hugh Tayler
Richard Wildye
Lewes Wotton
Michael Bishop
Henry Browne
Henry Rufoote
Richard Tomkins
Henry Dorrell
charles Florrie
Henry Mylton
Henry Payne
Thomas Harris
William Nicholes
Thomas Phevens
John Borden
Thomas Scot
William Willes
John Brooke
Cutbert White
John Bright
Clement Tayler
William Sole
John Cotsmur
Humfrey Newton
Thomas Colman
Thomas Gramme
Marke Bennet
John Gibbes
John Stilman
Robert Wilkinson
Peter Little
John Wyles
Brian Wyles
George Martyn
Hugh Pattenson
Martyn Sutton
John Farre
John Bridger
Griffen Jones
Richard Shaberdge
James Lasie
John Cheven
Thomas Hewet
William Berde
Elyoner Dare
Margery Harvie
Agnes Wood
Wenefrid Powell
Joyce Archard
Jane Jones
Elizabaeth Glane
Jane Pierce
Audry Tappan
Alis Chapman
Emme Merrimoth
------ Colman
Margaret Lawrence
Joan Warren
Jane Mannering
Rose Payne
Elizabeth Viccars
boys & children
John Sampson
Robert Ellis
Ambrose Viccars
Thamas Archard
Thomas Humfrey
Thomas Smart
George Howe
John Prat
William Wythers

born in Virginia:
Virginia Dare
---- Harvye


Simon Fernando, Assistant
John Nichols, Assistant
William Fullwood, Assistant
James Plat, Assistant
Humfrey Dimmocke, Assistant


Sir Walter Ralegh
Thomas Smith
William Sanderson
Walter Bayly
William Gamage
Edmund Nevil
Thomas Harding
Walter Marler
Thomas Martin
Gabriel Harris
William George
William Stone
Henry Fleetewood
John Gerrard
Robert Macklyn
Richard Hakluyt
Thomas Hoode
Thomas Wade
Richard Wright
Edmund Walden


John White, Governor
Captain William Lane
Captain Joseph Harris, of the Conclude
Captain Abraham Cocke, of Limehouse, Captain of Harry & John, Admiral
Ralph Skinner, masters mate (X)*
Edward Kelly (X)*
Thomas Bevis (X)*
Hance the surgion (X)*
Edward Kelborne (X)*
Robert Colman (X)*
Captain Christopher Newport, of Limehouse, Captain of the Little John of London
John Bedford, of Dartmouth, Master of the Moonlight
Robert Hallet, Captain of the prize Buen Jesus
Thomas Middleton
James Bagge
Nicholas Glandvill,of Tavistock
John Facy, Captain of Elizabeth Glanville
John Rowe, Captain of Nicholas of Plymouth
William Finch, of Plymouth
Henry Cletherow, ironmonger
John Stokes, fishmonger
John Clerke, Sr.
John Clerke, Jr.
Hugh Middleton, goldsmith
Erasmus Harvye
Henry Millett, of Poole, seaman
John Taylor, of Hepitre near Exeter, seaman
Thoms Harding, of Newcastle, seaman
Henry Swanne, of Newcastle, mariner
Hugh Harding, of Plymouth, master of Conclude
William Cable
John Watts, owner of Harry & John
Wiliam Davell of Plymouth, seaman
Robert Hutton, of Limehouse, master of Harry & John
Michael Geere, of Limehouse, mariner, master of the John of London
William Lane, Captain of John Evangelist
Wylliam Brockbancke appraiser
Rogar Perrot grocer appraiser
George Bolles grocer appraiser
John Hyd grocer appraiser
Thomas Barbar appraiser
Richard Payntell appraiser
Wylliam Bygatte appraiser
Francisco Gomez of St. Domingo, purser of Good Jesus of Seville
Anthonio de Samora Carenio
Franciscus Marquino, interpreter
John de Vivia
Don John de Villa Rey
John de Viveta
Nicholas Gernandes
Petro Vasse Galliego of Liuxborne
Manuel Fernandez Correa, captain & owner of Buen Jesus William Sanderson
Edward Spicer, Captain of Moonlight Bedford, Master of Moonlight (X)*
Francisco Gomes
William Adams
Abraham Lofte, Lionel Balentine,
Richard Knotford
Thomas Gilbert
Henry Erlinge
William Cocke
John Davys
William Thorne
William Lane
John Gale

*(X) = died on voyage

Text based on "Roanoke Colonists" by William S. Powell. Edited and expanded by lebame houston, Wynne Dough and Deanna Potts


  • Hakluyt, Richard, PRINCIPALL NAVIGATIONS (1589), pp. 728-33 and (1600), III, p. 251, as quoted in Quinn, David, ed. The Roanoke Voyages 1584-1590, (The Hakluyt Society, London: 1955), Vol. I, pp. 115-116.
  • Hakluyt, Richard, PRINCIPALL NAVIGATIONS (1589), pp. 736-7, as quoted in Quinn, David, ed. The Roanoke Voyages 1584-1590, (The Hakluyt Society, London: 1955), Vol. I, pp. 194-197.
  • Keeler, Mary Frear, ed. Sir Francis Drake's West Indian Voyage 1585-86, (The Hakluyt Society, London: 1981), Appendix III, pp. 301 - 320.
  • White, John, John White's Narrative of the 1587 Virginia Voyage (1587), as quoted in Quinn, David, ed. The First Colonists (Oxford University Press: 1973) pp. 107-108.

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