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War for Freedom: African-American Experiences in the Era of the Civil War; A Web-based Curriculum

In the four years of the American Civil War, the United States began to redeem itself from the 250-year-long-tragedy of slavery. On the battlefields of that war, and in the buildings, artifacts, documents, and stories they contain, four million African-Americans won their freedom.

War for Freedom brings teachers and students close to the day-to-day lives and thoughts of black Americans moving from enslavement to emancipation. Each War for Freedom unit guides students to do research with original historic documents, to re-create moments of drama and personal choice, and to synthesize their learning and imagination in creative collaborative projects.

Fort Pulaski National Monument is a site that looks to tell the story of African-Americans and their war for freedom during the Civil War in and around Savannah. Click on the links below to view Fort Pulaski's web-based War for Freedom curriculum. More activities will be added in the near future.


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Activity #1 African-Americans in Savannah
Activity #2 Securing Freedom
Activity #3 African-American Views on Freedom


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