Fee Waivers

What is a fee waiver?
When you apply for a fee waiver, you are making a reservation for your group and you are applying to have the monument entrance fee waived for your group. This will entitle you to a free visit. Please keep in mind, a fee waiver is only granted for a curriculum-based, educational visit. Strictly recreational visits, such as use of the picnic area only, do not qualify for a fee waiver.

How does the process work?
Fee waivers are granted by the park superintendent for educational organizations making an educational visit to the park that is related to a specific course of study. As part of the fee waiver process, each group is required to submit a copy of its curriculum that shows relevance to the Fort Pulaski visit. A file of school curricula is maintained by the reservation coordinator. Once it is provided to the park, future submissions of curricula are not necessary. A copy of the relevant sections of the Georgia Performance Standards is acceptable.

The curricula are tracked by both school and grade level. For example, a curriculum submitted for a 6th grade field trip from a school is not covered by the curriculum submitted for a 5th grade field trip from the same school. Separate curricula are required for each grade from each school.

Helpful tips for filling out your fee waiver application
Apply for your fee waiver at least 30 days prior to your visit.
Be sure to write clearly.
Fill out ALL the information. The number of students in the group is especially important.
Verify that all the contact information (phone number and/or email) is legible and complete.

What happens next
Once the park superintendent approves your fee waiver request, you will receive a written confirmation by fax or email. It can sometimes take up to two to three weeks for you to receive your written confirmation. You will be notified by phone or email if the superintendent does not approve your fee waiver request. Bring your written confirmation with you to the park on the day of your field trip.

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