Weather Hazards Summer months can be extremely hot and humid, with occasional severe thunderstorms. Fall and spring are pleasant with cool temperatures. Winter weather occasionally forces the closure of some park roads and buildings depending on severity. Sensible seasonal dress is recommended for your visit and depending on your planned activities, should include accessories such as sunscreen, sturdy shoes or hiking boots, and extra water. When hiking in the park, make certain you have adequate water and a fully charged cell phone to use in case of an emergency. All emergencies in the park should be addressed to 911.

Avoid Ticks! Be mindful while walking through tall grass and brush in natural and agricultural areas of the park due to the number of ticks common, some of which carry disease such as Lyme Disease, which can be transmitted to humans after contact with an infected deer tick, a small species of tick common in Pennsylvania. Visitors who prefer to walk in such areas should be aware of this danger, use proper insect repellent, and be certain to examine their clothing for these parasites. For your safety we recommend that visitors stay on walking trails and paths.

Poisonous plants and encounters with wildlife are not uncommon on the battlefield, and visitors should be aware of possible hazards while exploring the park on foot.

Last updated: June 21, 2018

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