Roster of Virginia Regiment

These are the names of soldiers serving under George Washington during the Fort Necessity Campaign. It is a compilation from two sources described below. Spelling of names are as they appear on the separate rosters.

Title of paper roster:
A Listing of the Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Privates serving with G. W. at the Battle of the Great Meadows at Fort Necessity in the Summer of 1754.
Title of the framed pay and muster rolls:
A Roll of the Officers and Soldiers in the Service of the Colony Before the Battle of the Meadows the 3rd day of July, 1754 as Taken From the Pay and Muster Rolls of These Times.
Normal - paper roster
Bold - framed pay and muster rolls
Bold and Italics - both


George Washington, Colonel (Lieut. Col.)
Joshua Fry, Colonel
George Muse, Lieut. Colonel (Major)
Robert Stobo, Major (Captain), hostage
Peter Hog, Captain
Andrew Lewis, Captain
George Mercer, Captain (Lieut.)
William Polson, Captain (Lieut.)
Jacob Van Braam, Captain (Lieut.), hostage
Thomas Waggoner, Captain
Thomas Wagener, Lieutenant
William Bronaugh, Lieutenant (Ensign)
John Mercer, Lieutenant (Ensign)
John Savage, Lieutenant
Adam Stephen, Lieutenant (Captain)
James Towers, Lieutenant
James Toners, Ensign
John West, Lieutenant
James Craik, Ensign and Surgeon
William Peyrouney, Ensign, wounded
William Pey, Ensign
Carolus Spittdolph, Ensign
Walter Stuart, Ensign
Thomas Bullett, Cadet
William M. Wright, Cadet
John Carlysle, Deputy Commissa.



John Allan, Corporal
John Allan, Sergeant
Charles Allbury
Charles Alberry
Jacob Arrens, taken prisoner (Deserted)
Samuel Arsdale


Joshua Backer
Henry Bailey
William Bailey, killed
Josias Baker, Corporal
Jasias Baker
Jno. Chr's Banlie
Robert Bale
Nathaniel Barrett
Thomas Barrey
Solomon Batson, wounded and deserted
Solomon Bobson, deserted
James Batty
James Battie
Joseph Baxter
Edward Bayley
Edw'd Bailey
Jacob Beil, deserted
John Beil, deserted
Robert Bell
Robert Bennett
John Biddlecom
Jno. Biddlecomb
Daniel Billot
Dan'l Belott
Thomas Bird, wounded
John Bishop, missing
James Black, absent
Richard D. Bolton
Charles Bomgardner
Godfrey Bomgardner, absent
Henry Bowman
John Boyd, Corporal (Sergeant)
Chas. Boyle, deserted
Rudolph Brickner
Henry Bristowe
Henry Bristol
Bibby Brooks
William Broughton
William Braughton
John Brown
John Brown, absent
John Bryan
John Bryant, deserted
John Bryans
Rudolph Brickner, Sergeant
Thomas Buckner, Sergeant, wounded
Christopher Bumbgardner
John Burk
Thomas Burk
Thomas Burke
Thomas Burney
Bartholomew Burnes
Barth'w Barnes
Robert Burns
Thomas Burris
Thomas Bhurras
Robert Busses
Joshua Burton, wounded
Christopher Byerly


Edward Cahill
William Cairns
William Carnes
James Cammack
James Cammock
George Campbell, deserted
John Campbell
John Capshaw
John Carroll
James Carson, Drummer
Thomas Carter, Sergeant
William Carter
Joseph Casterson
Jacob Catt, deserted
Edward Caygile, wounded
Thomas Cehass
Thomas Chaddock
Matthew Chape
William Chaplain
John Chapman, wounded
Nathan Chapman, wounded
Paris Chapman
Andrew Clark
And'w Clerk
John Clements
Garrett Clerk, killed
Gerrard Clerk
John Coin
William Coleman
Phillip Connelly, wounded
Bryan Conner
Bryan Connor
Timothy Conway, wounded
William Copland
Joseph Costerton
John Cox
Matthew Cox
Patrick Coyl
Patrick Coyle
Will'm Crowach


James Daily
James Dayley
Claud Dallowe
Claud Dalone
John Davis
Nath'l Deadman
William Dean
William Devenney
James Devoy
James Dewey
John Dixon, discharged
Thomas Donahaugh
Matthew Doran
Bernard Draxter
Baron Draxilla, deserted
Stephen Driscale
Bernard Droxeller
Charles Dunn
John Durham
Matthew Durham, wounded
Patrick Durphey, wounded


Henry Earnest
Peter Efflock
Robert Elliot, wounded
Robert Elliott
Peter Essleet
Edward Evans, Corporal
Edward Evart


John Farmer
John Farroll
John Featon
Duncan Ferguson
James Ferguson
John Ferguson
John Ferguson
John Field
John Fields
William Field
Thomas Fisher, killed
James Ford, wounded
James Ford
Nicho's Foster
Thomas Foster
Thomas Foser
Andrew Fowler
John Franklin, deserted
Michael Franks
James Fullam, wounded
James Fulham
Jacob Funkhauser, deserted
Wm. Fyann


John Gallahorn
John Gallahann
Patrick Gallaway
William Gardner, wounded
Joseph Gatewood
Phil Gatewood
Benjamin Gause
Benjn. Gauze
Jacob Gauze
Benjamin Gaven
William Gerrard
George Gibbons
Joseph Gibbs
George Gobell
George Gobley
John Goldson
John Gholson
James Good, wounded
Edward Goodwin, wounded
David Gorman, wounded
David Gosman
Jacob Gowin
Jacob Going
Robert Graham
Edward Graves
Robert Grymes, Sergeant
Edward Gwin
James Gwin


John Habbitt, deserted
Benjamin Hamilton
John Hamilton, Sergeant
Thomas Hamilton, Sergeant, wounded
William Harbinson
Thomas Harris
John Harwood John Hart
Southy Haslip
Southy Haslon
Abner Hazlap
Abner Haslon
Jacob Helsley, deserted
Chris'n Helsley
James Hawes
Chris Henly
Thomas Hennesey
Thomas Henacy
Carnel's Hesley
James Heyler
James Heyton
Jacob Hiffley, deserted
Ant'ony Hill
Dennis Hintin
William Hogan
William Holland, missing
Mark Hollis, Sergeant (Corporal)
Will'm Hollis
Argyle House, wounded
Arthur Howard
Arthur Howard
Matthew Howard, missing
George Hussh, deserted
John Huston
John Honston
Samuel Hyden, wounded
Saml. Heydon


Saml. Isdale
Sauel Isdel


Charles James
Will'm Jenkins
Henry Johnston
John Johnston
Wile Johnston
Wise Johnston, Corporal
William Johnston
Adam Jones
Ignatius Jones, deserted
James Jones
John Jones
Matthias Jones
Robert Jones, wounded
Joshua Jordan, wounded (discharged)


Anthony Kennedy
Arthur Kennedy
Dennis Kenting
Jacob Kiblar
Edward King
Dennis Kinton
John Kitson, killed
Thomas Kitson
Thomas Knap
William Knowles, absent


James Labart
John Larden
Adam Leonard
John Lee
Henry Leonard, deserted
James Letort
Mathew Levinson
Mathew Levingston
Nathan Lewis, Corporal
Thomas Lockard, deserted
Thos. Longder, Sergeant
Thomas Longdon, Sergeant
Will'm Lorry
William Lowry
John Lowe
James Ludlow
James Luvon


John Maid
Nicholas Major, Corporal, absent
Daniel Mallatt
George Marcum
George Malcomb
John Martin
Abraham Mashaw
John Maston
John Manston
Jesse May
John May
James McBride
George McCan
Michael McCannon
Daniel McClaren, killed
James McCommac
James McCommack
Hugh McCoy, Corporal
John McCulley, wounded
John McCutty, Sergeant
Robert McCulroy, wounded
Angus McDonald
Traverse McDonald
John McGrager
John McGregory
Michael McGrath
Michael McGraw, wounded
Jno. McGuire (Als. Clinck)
John McIntire
William McIntire
John McIntosh, deserted
Robery McKay
Rob't McKay
Barnaby McKan, killed
Barnaby McCan, killed
James McLaughlan, deserted
Patrick McPyke
John McQuire
George McSwine
George McSnair
John Mears
John Mean
James Meggs
Joseph Mellon
Edward Mercer
John Miller
James Milton
Joseph Milton
Edward Minor
Edward Miner
William Mitchell
Dominick Monan
David Montgomery
David Montgomerie
Isaac Moore
Isaac Moon, killed
Jasper Moorhead
Jasper Mosean
Nicholas Morgan, Corporal
Nich's Mongar
Jesse Morris
Richard Morris
Thomas Moss
John Mulholland
Robert Murphey
Rich'd Murray, deserted
Abr'm Mushaw, Drummer
Jacob Myar
Jacob Myer


Thomas Napp
Henry Neal
Matthew Nevison
Thomas Nicholson, wounded


Mich'l Oburk, discharged
Jas. Obrian
Thomas Ogdon
John Ogilby
Jno. Oglesby


Bryant Page
James Parson
Will'm Patten, killed
Hugh Paul
Thomas Pearce (Als. Pearson)
Peter Pezenlagar, deserted
Jacob Perkley, deserted
Alexander Perry
John Poner
James Poor
John Poor
William Poor
John Potter, wounded
Joseph Pouch
Joseph Powell, wounded
John Power
Masshab Pratt
Martial Pratt
James Price
Robert Pritchard
Rich'd Pritchard
William Pullen, killed


Thomas Rage, discharged
John Ramsay, killed
John Ramsay
Hugh Ratchford
Hugh Rockford
Michael Reilly, wounded
Mich'l Ryley, Sergeant
Will'm Rice
Ezediel Richardson, Drummer
Ezekiel Richardson, Drummer
John Robinson, killed
Ware Rocket
Wise Rocket
John Roe
John Row
Francis Rogers
John Rogers, wounded
John Rogers, Sergeant
James Rowe
James Row
Frederick Rupart
Barnaby Ryley


James Samnel
Joseph Scott
Thomas Scott, killed
Michael Scully
Francis Self
Francis Selt
Thomas Sellars
Mathias Shampe
William Shoad, deserted
David Shond
James Short
Demsey Simmons, wounded
Dempsey Simond
William Simmons
William Simond, killed
Dudley Skinner, wounded
Thomas Slaughter
Thom's Sloughter
Benj'n Smith, deserted
Charles Smith
James Smith
John Smith, Corporal
John Smith
Patrick Smith
Richard Smith, Corporal
Zachariah Smith
William Snallon
John Soans
Charles Soant
Benj'n Spicer
Benjamin Spicer
William Stallons
Mathew Stanard
Daniel Staple
Dan'l Staples
Thomas Stedman
Thomas Shedman
John Stephens
Alexander Stewart, wounded
Alexander Steward
John Stewart
John Steward
Robert Stewart
Hugh Stone
McLee Swimmer
George Swiney
Torence Swiney


Rob't Tanstah, Sergeant
Christain Taylor
George Taylor, wounded
Thomas Tedman
Nehemiah Tendell, wounded
Nehemiah Tendah
James Terrek, Sergeant
James Thomas, Corporal
John Thomas
John Thompson
John Thornton
John Tranton, killed
John Trantum, Corporal
John Triston
Richard Trotter, Sergeant
John Truston
Will'm Turnar, deserted
Dr. Edw'd Turner
Robert Turnstall, Sergeant
William Tyan
James Tyrell, Sergeant
James Tytus
James Titus


William Underhill
William Underwood


Charles Waddy
Edward Wagener, Sergeant
Michael Walker
Michael Waken
William Wallors
Elijha Ward
Philimon Waters
Arthur Watt, wounded
Thomas Wedman
Dan'l Welsh
James Welsh
James Welch
Edward Whitehead
John Whitman
John Whiteman, Sergeant
Jn'o David Wilken
Daniel Wilkinson
David Wilkenson, Drummer
Peregsise Williams, wounded
John Willis, Sergeant
John Wilson, deserted
John Wilson
John Wise, Corporal

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