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Three Cultures in Conflict at Fort Necessity

Thank you for reserving the Three Cultures in Conflict at Fort Necessity program. To help ensure you and your students have a safe and enjoyable time, please read this information. See you when you arrive!

Pre visit activities

Fort Necessity is offering a free teacher’s guide The French and Indian War 1754-1763 A World on Fire. This curriculum has many useful lesson plans and activities. To prepare your children for their field trip please familiarize the students with the three cultures involved in the French and Indian War. Please complete the “The Forks of the Ohio” lesson (page 36-38). Other useful lessons would include “What Were They Fighting For?” (page 44-47) and “Domain of Three Nations” (page 51-56) and George Washington and Me (page 57-65). To get your free copy please call 724-329-8124 or e-mail the park education specialist. The lessons are also available on line at

Before your visit

Name Tags
Name tags are very helpful. They allow the park rangers to call the children by name.
Each class will be broken into four small groups in the learning lab workshop. It may be beneficial to have at least three chaperones so that each group would have a teacher or chaperone. One chaperone per 10 students is required. There are many hands on activities scheduled. The park ranger leading your group may ask the teachers and chaperones to help.

Beginning your visit

You should begin your program at the visitor center. You also may like to arrive a little early to use the restrooms.

Check in

Please check in with the park staff when you arrive. There is no fee for this program. The staff will collect information on the number of students, teachers and chaperones.

If for some reason you need to cancel your field trip please call (724) 329-8124 or e-mail us to let us know as soon as possible.


This program will be offered rain or shine. The students will be walking to the reconstructed fort and taking part in outdoor activities there. This section of the field trip generally takes one hour. All participants should dress appropriately. Also remember it is often a few degrees cooler in the mountain areas. Good walking shoes are recommended.

Rest rooms

The public rest rooms are located at the visitor center.


The visitor center has a covered picnic shelter with picnic tables available for use by the students. If you plan to eat lunch on site we can provide indoor storage of you lunches, however, no refrigeration is provided.


Park rangers will direct the group, however, the teachers and chaperones are responsible for discipline. Teachers and chaperones are expected to stay with the group. Inappropriate conduct may lead to the termination of the field trip.

Food, drink, gum and candy are only allowed in designated areas of the visitor center.

After your visit

After your field trip you can reinforce some of the items the students learned during the visit. In the free curriculum The French and Indian War 1754-1763 A World on Fire you might like to use “Fort Necessity Surrender Document” (page 66-69) and “The French and Indian War Sets the Stage for the American Revolution” (page 84-87) or another lesson. To get your free copy please call 724-329-8124 or e-mail the park education specialist. The lessons are also available on line at

Last updated: June 15, 2018

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