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War of 1812

1. A Nest of Pirates

2. The Carcasses Red Glare

3. The Great Garrison Flag

4. The Star Fort

5. The Star-Spangled Banner

6. To Anacreon In Heaven

The Civil War

1. All The Laws But One: A Writ of Habeas Corpus, May 1861

2. Baltimore Bastille

3. The Pratt Street Riot

World Wars

1. U.S. Army General Hospital No. 2

2. U.S. Coast Guard Training Station, 1942-1945

Additional Items of Interest

1. Archeological Treasures

2. Discover Fort McHenry - A Walking Tour of the Fort - Although the locations of both the Visitor Center and the Statue of Major Armistead have changed, this walking tour guide is still quite useful.

3. History of Fort McHenry

4. Orpheus: Who is he?/Why is he at Fort McHenry?

5. The 1814 Appearance of Fort McHenry

6. Various Plans/Drawings of the Fort

Ordering the Fort McHenry Videos

"The Defense of Fort McHenry" - Although no longer shown as the main feature in the Visitor Center, this film is still available in DVD format. Order from the Harpers Ferry Historical Association.

"The Battle of Fort McHenry" - The new Visitor Center video is now available in the Gift Shop. Call (410) 625-2330 for additional details.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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