Battle of North Point

Originally meant to be a delaying action, the Battle of North Point, fought on September 12, 1814, became one of the most pivital events in the Battle of Baltimore. A small detatchment of American forces left their defenses north of Baltimore and did the unthinkable: marched directly towards the better trained and greater numbered enemy. While the battle ultimately was a British victory, it had several key effects. It slowed British land forces' advance on Baltimore, had a great impact on American morale, and resulted in a large number of British casualties including the death of their commander, Major General Robert Ross.

A painting of British General Robert Ross
The Battle of North Point Part 1

The part of the Battle of North Point.

A historic drawing depicting the various troops at the battle of North Point.
The Battle of North Point Part 2

The results of the Battle of North Point.

Last updated: September 11, 2020

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