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Gwynns Falls and stream
Gwynns Falls

Park Partner, Carrie Murray Nature Center, is also offering new virtual field trips for 4th-8thth grades through EKO

Baltimore National Heritage Area (BNHA) at Gwynns Falls Leakin Park/Carrie Murray Nature Center will present three virtual programs about Using the Stream Valley, Animal Adaptions, and Collaborative Projects. A trip includes a pre-visit video, a live chat with Q&A from student-generated questions, and optional classroom activities.

Trips include the natural and cultural aspects of the Baltimore National Heritage Area and tie in with curriculum aspects such as Green Initiatives, Climate Change/Erosion, Animal Units, Arts Integration, and Baltimore Community.

1. Using the Stream Valley. Explores how people and wildlife use/d the resources of the stream valley for habitat needs. This includes foraging for food, household needs, and harnessing raw power from resources in the forest and streams. An emphasis on the concepts of habitat (food, water, shelter, space). Will include the Orianda Mansion, a waterwheel, stone root cellar, and a community green space for honoring indigenous peoples.

2. Animal Adaptations. Explores reptiles and birds that are found in the park and their adaptations for survival. You’ll get to meet some of the animal ambassadors of Carrie Murray Nature Center and learn about how they got here, their habitat needs, and their survival superpowers.

3. Collaborative Program. An opportunity for a teacher to work with park staff on a project of the teacher’s choosing, following the same format of designing pre-trip materials, conducting 1-2 virtual on-site visits for research/inspiration, and follow up materials and/or sharing of student work.

For more information or to schedule a field trip, please click
here. To contact Carrie Murray Nature Center, please call 410-396-0808 or email

For parents and guardians:
Carrie Murray Nature Center is also offering an in-person program for students. The Outdoor Discovery Program for students is on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesdays all day.

Last updated: November 17, 2020

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