Park Planning

State of the Park Reports

2003 State of the Park Report (PDF 124 KB)

2004 State of the Park Report (PDF 207 KB)

2005 State of the Park Report (PDF 531 KB)

2006 State of the Park Report (PDF 33 KB)

2007 State of the Park Report (PDF 55 KB)

2008 State of the Park Report (PDF 68 KB)

2009 State of the Park Report (PDF 78 KB)

2010 State of the Park Report (PDF 127 KB)

2011 State of the Park Report (Word 46KB)

Development Concept Plan 2004

Development Concept Plan With Graphics (PDF 9,692 KB)

Development Concept Plan Without Graphics (PDF 621 KB)

Appendices ABC (PDF 1,211 KB)

Appendix D (PDF 17,415 KB)

Appendix E (PDF 770 KB)

Appendix F (405 KB)

Education/Administration Facility Plans/Studies

Finding of No Significant Impact -Education/Administration Facility (PDF 113 KB)

Fort McHenry Initiates Project Planning Activities for Education and Administration Facilities (PDF 564 KB)

Visitor Services Facility and Transportation Planning - 11/04 Openhouse Brochure (PDF 237 KB)

Additional Planning Reports/Studies

Administrative History (PDF 53,987 KB)

Alternative Transportation Study 2004 (PDF 2,724 KB)

An Archeological Overview (PDF 20,403 KB)

Cultural Landscape Report 2004 (PDF 11,718 KB)

Comprehensive Interpretive Plan (2002) (PDF 4062 KB)

Draft chronology of events associated with the acquisition of the real property comprising Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland, by the U.S. Government (PDF 292 KB)

National Register of Historic Places Nomination (PDF 17,924 KB)

Report to Congress on the Historic Preservation of Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Sites in the United States

Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail Study (PDF 4,589 KB)

Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2001-2005 (PDF 112 KB)

Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2007-2011 (PDF 54.5 KB)

2014 FOMC Superintendent's Compendium (PDF 3,179 KB)

2014 HAMPTON Superintendent's Compendium (PDF 3,564 KB)



Master Plans

Master Plan 1968 (PDF 11,199 KB)

Amendment to 1968 Master Plan (PDF 1,462 KB)

Master Plan 1969 (PDF 1,889 KB)

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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