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Summers are generally hot and humid, with daytime highs frequently above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and scattered afternoon thunderstorms. Please carry water while participating in physical activity and be prepared to take shelter from lightning. Winters are generally cold, with nighttime lows frequently near freezing and occasional snowfall. Weather during spring and fall is generally moderate, but can change quickly.

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Fort Foote Park - $0.00

There are no fees associated with the park.

Fort Washington Visitor Center

Fort Foote has no active visitor center. Please contact us at the Fort Washington Visitor Center.

Civil War era Rodman Cannon in the woods of Fort Foote
One of two Civil War Rodman cannon in the remnants of the earthwork fortifications at Fort Foote Park

Adam Gresek/NPS Photo

Fort Foote Park is a neighborhood gem in southern Maryland that offers opportunities to ponder history and connect with the beauty of the Potomac River.

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Last updated: March 4, 2016

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13551 Fort Washington Road
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(301) 763-4600

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