Hiking at Fort Dupont

Fort Dupont has some great hiking trails!  NPS Photo by Monica Larcom
Hiking is a great way to enjoy Fort Dupont!

NPS Photo by Monica Larcom

Hollow Tree Trail

To access this trail, park at the Fort Dupont Activity Center. There is a crosswalk from the parking lot across Fort Dupont Drive and onto this trail. The Hollow Tree trail is about .25 miles and begins with some rolling terrain and then steadily climbs uphill. This trail has steps/water bars on the steeper part of the trail. The trail officially ends at the Ridge Picnic area but the hike can be extended by walking along the paved road and bearing towards the right as the road continues around this looped picnic area and reconnects with Fort Dupont Drive about .25 miles. Cross the road and hike around the gravel loop road of the community garden and connect with the Turkey Trot Trail.

Turkey Trot Trail

Turkey Trot Trail- this one mile loop has about .3 miles of paved trail surface and the remainder of the trail is dirt or gravel. The paved portion of the trail is relatively flat as is the area between the Fort Dupont Activity Center and the Community Garden. The steep section of the trail is between the paved part of the trail and the garden. If you like to climb hills start this trail by walking down from the parking lot to where the paved trail begins near the Summer Theatre Stage. When you get to the community garden, bear right on the gravel road and continue to the right past the garden shed and the trail will continue into the wood and connect back to the activity center.
A counter clockwise hike on the Turkey Trot trail will help you avoid the uphill climb. From the "Track Trail" Sign walk to your right through the lawn along the wooden guard rail and towards the treeline. The trail will continue into the woods and connect to the community garden and become gravel. Follow the trail past the shed and continue to the left where you will see the trail turn into the woods again on the left (if you hit the paved road you have gone too far). The trail will start downhill and will eventually meet up with the paved section of the trail. Turn left onto the paved trail and it will connect back to the Activity Center.
The Turkey Trot Trail is also part of the "Kid's in Parks, Track Trail" Program The website has a trail map and pdf's for trail guides that help kid's learn about different features of the trail like birds and trees. This family oriented program is a way to engage kids in hiking and enjoying nature.

Last updated: April 22, 2021

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