Seven Soldiers from the 10th Cavalry at Fort Robinson, NE.

African Americans in the Frontier Army

The Act of 1866 allowed African Americans a permanent place in the United States Armed Forces.

A photo of Second Lieutenant Henry O. Flipper in dress uniform

Second Lieutenant Henry O. Flipper

Born into slavery at Thomasville, Georgia on March 21, 1856, Flipper became the first African American graduate of West Point.

A photograph of the 25th Cavalry

25th Infantry

Though the photograph was not taken at Fort Davis the 25th U.S. Infantry spent a number of years stationed here. Click to read about others!

A photograph of Colonel Benjamin Grierson

Colonel Benjamin Grierson

Click to learn about Colonel Benjamin H. Grierson commander of the 10th U.S. Cavalry!


Interested in soldiers or units stationed at Fort Davis? Click the links below for our current information. Research is ongoing.
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Soldiers who served at Fort Davis

Units that served at Fort Davis

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