Table of Contents for Grades 6-8


I. Introduction: Cover

A. Teacher Introduction
B. TEKS Matrix
6th grade 7th grade 8th grade

II. History: Cover

A. Pre-visit KWL Chart
Student Teacher

B. Overview using Park Handouts: Getting the Most from Your Visit
Student Teacher

1. The First Fort Davis, 1854-1862

2. African Americans in the Frontier Army

3. Black Recipients of the Medal of Honor from Frontier Indian Wars

4. The Post Hospital at Fort Davis

5. Moving with the Frontier Army: 10th Cavalry Officers' Wives

6. Park Orientation Brochure (contact park to obtain up to 10 copies)

C. Web Adventure: Interactive Web Trip
Student Teacher
D. Tour of the Fort
Student Teacher
E. Technology Comes to the Wild West: The Telegraph
Student Teacher
F. Water, Water, Running Water
Student Teacher
G. The Apache
Student Teacher
H. Supplying the Soldiers at Fort Davis-a math challenge
Student Teacher
I. Camels at Fort Davis
Student Teacher
J. Interpreting History through Maps
Student Teacher
K. Confederates at Fort Davis
Student Teacher
L. Create a Living Timeline
Student Teacher Blank Timeline
M. Getting to Know Famous People & Events in the 19th Century
Student Teacher
N. Wrap-Up After Your Visit to Fort Davis National Historic Site
Teacher Notes

III. The Soldiers' Story Cover

A. The Life of a Soldier at a Frontier Fort
Student Teacher
B. Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Davis
Student Teacher
C. Second Lieutenant Henry O. Flipper
Student Teacher

IV. Civilian Life Cover

A. Fort Davis-Post Schooling
Student Teacher
B. A Teenager's Letters from Fort Davis in the 1880s
Student Teacher
C. Traveling the San Antonio-El Paso Road
Student Teacher
D. Women at Frontier Army Forts
Student Teacher
E. Readers' Theatre: One-Act Play based on Diary of an Officer's Wife
Student Teacher Play

V. Preservation Cover

A. Protecting the Past-Why Should I Care?
B. Protecting the Past-How YOU Can Help
C. Protecting the Past
D. Do You Want to Be an Archaeologist?
Student Artifact Bingo

VI. Field Trip Logistics Cover

A. Field Trip Logistics for School Groups
B. Field Trip Checklist

VII. Resources Cover

A. Bibliography

B. Internet Sites

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